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Fall Flowers Guide

Fall is a wonderful season! Whether it is the cooler air, the warm fires at night, everything pumpkin spice, or the changing color of leaves, fall is truly an enjoyable season. Here at Blossom Flower Shops, we love fall because of all the marvelous rich-hued blooms it gives us, such as dahlias, goldenrods, celosia, mums, and more. Begin your deep-dive into fall by learning more about fall flowers, fall decorating ideas, fall trends, and more with our fall-related blogs below. These are best read with a cup of delicious hot apple cider!

Design a Fall-Inspired Front Porch

There’s nothing like a beautifully decorated front porch to help you- and your neighbors- get into the spirit of a new season. In the fall, the possibilities for porch decor are truly endless.

Find New Ways To Decorate With Fall Mums

Autumn is a fascinating season full of rich color and natural beauty, including the never-ending variety of gorgeous chrysanthemums. From soft and round to sharp and lacy, styles of mums vary so drastically it’s hard to believe some of them are related!

Enjoy Beautiful Fall Flowers

Not only do we get to enjoy beautiful leaves falling off of trees, but this is also a great time for us to enjoy the beautiful fall flowers that arrive and bloom during this time of year.

Falling For Fall Tablescapes

As we settle into fall, we begin to think about fall decorating and entertaining this season. The design experts at Blossom Flower Shops have some great ideas to help you make your autumn table as fabulous as you are.

Fun Design Featuring Fall Flowers

Flowers are used for many purposes – we send bouquets for birthdays, arrangements for sympathy, and designs for congratulations. But sometimes, we love the idea of simply enjoying fall flowers for the sake of their beauty and aesthetic.

A Flower Centerpiece And A Floral Punch For Fall

Fall is the perfect season for creative entertaining, and we have some truly unique recipes for you to try at your next get together. Whether you’re serving afternoon tea or a formal dinner, Blossom Flower Shops recommends including edible flowers in your menu to delight your guests.

Stylish Mums for Fall

We think of mums as being a lush display of golden blooms set in a pot or container suited for the doorstep. But November’s flower is so much more.

Harvest and Fall Seasonal Flowers

Even with the temperatures dropping, the colors of autumn tend to warm things up a bit – their fiery colors and warm hospitality are perfect to decorate our homes for the season.

Decorating with Fall Flowers

The changing colors of autumn and the abundant fall harvest are beauties to rival all others. After a summer filled with activity, we love to settle into autumn with a cozy blanket and a cup of cider.

Chrysanthemums Shine in Fall Arrangements

No flower exudes autumn charm quite like the lovely chrysanthemum. This rich, textured flower blooms in a multitude of colors, including orange, yellow, red, white, pink, and shades of purple.

Fall, Fall, Fall! The Most Beautiful Flowers To Buy in Fall!

Do you think that flowers are just for spring and summer? You’d be wrong! There are actually plenty of flowers that are at their most beautiful in fall. However, it does take a little extra work to choose the right flowers for this season.

Frightfully Fun Flowers and Gifts for Halloween

Happy October, autumn, and Halloween! At Blossom Flower Shops, we love to make the most of Halloween in Yonkers and White Plains with spirited floral designs and ghoulish gift baskets to celebrate the season!

Essential Autumn Textures

As you begin to decorate for autumn, think about adding some unique elements from the season to create a rustic, woodsy effect in your home. Here are some fun ideas for making your home fall-ready this season

Flowers That Cast A Spell

Creating a dramatic display for Halloween doesn’t have to be all about skeletons and ghosts. Include some objects of beauty that reflect the style of the season with autumnal decor for your office or Halloween party this year.

Bedeck Your Space In Jewel-Toned Flowers

Bring a burst of fresh autumn color into your office with a stunning, jewel-toned floral arrangement. Full of energy and spirit, these hues will invigorate you and your co-workers as you infuse your space with the bright, bold colors of the season.

Halloween Tradition and Decor

As kids, Halloween was quite an exciting evening. The traditions, the costumes, the fun, the candy – we looked forward to this day all year long. Perhaps now that we are adults, the method of celebration has changed.

Decorate With the Colors of Autumn

Is there any place more beautiful than New York in the fall? Cooler temperatures beckon us outside, encouraging day trips to the pumpkin patch and long walks through the park.

Blossom Cornucopia

The term Cornucopia originates from a pair of Latin words – “cornu,” meaning horn (also found in the origin of the one-horned mythical “unicorn”) and “copia,” meaning plenty (a root for common words such as “copious”). Therefore, “cornucopia” literally means horn of plenty, and is known by either name.

Dahlias, Potent Symbol of Transition

The dahlia is well-known for its bright, colorful flowers that can bloom perpetually year-round. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, making it popular and versatile in gardening as well as with florists and interior designers.

Halloween Flowers and Treats

While Halloween has several rumored origins, the most accepted view is that it began as a pagan Celtic harvest festival, with activities centered around rituals to keep evil spirits away from the crops.