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Decorating with Fall Flowers

The changing colors of autumn and the abundant fall harvest are beauties to rival all others. After a summer filled with activity, we love to settle into autumn with a cozy blanket and a cup of cider. So, when fall weather brings a chill to the air, our professional florists at Blossom Flower Shops celebrate with autumn decorating and fun fall floral arrangements featuring the hallmark hues of the season in shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple. Below, our florists provide a few fun ways you can bring the charm of autumn into your home this year.

The best way to decorate for the autumn season is to bring the colors of fall into your home. When the vibrant hues of the turning leaves transition seamlessly into the interior of your home, you and your guests will be dazzled by the beauty of nature. We recommend featuring fiery shades of gold, yellow, orange, red, and even purple by changing out small decorative items like throw pillows, placemats, rugs, and towels. You can even showcase the colors of autumn with a beautiful centerpiece of fall flowers like our Sunset Happiness bouquet which features yellow roses, orange lilies, and more.

decorating with fall flowers

Sunset Happiness

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Fall Flower Ideas

Fall Roses

Accenting your home with seasonal decorative items in addition to an autumn palette will also fill your home with festivity. Objects associated with the harvest are perfect. Consider filling a wicker basket with decorative corn, placing pumpkins on your porch, filling a cornucopia with produce, or posting a scarecrow near your front door or in your garden. A wreath of sunflowers adorning a front door greats guests with welcoming fall cheer.

In addition to the beautiful scent of a bouquet of fall roses, filling your home with the warm scents associated with autumn adds a nice touch to an otherwise complete array of fall decor. Try boiling cinnamon sticks, clove, and orange rinds in a pot of water on top of the stove to fill your home with a sweet, spicy aroma that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of cider.

However you plan to decorate your home for the autumn season, our professionals at Blossom Flower Shops will help you select the perfect fall flowers to complement your home’s new look.