Blossom Flower Shops

Blossom Flower Shops

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Chrysanthemums Shine in Fall Arrangements


No flower exudes autumn charm quite like the lovely chrysanthemum. This rich, textured flower blooms in a multitude of colors, including orange, yellow, red, white, pink, and shades of purple. Some can even have multiple colors in one bloom; however, at one time the flower was found primarily in a rich shade of gold. Artful cultivation has changed all that, but let’s take a step back in time to see where chrysanthemum has come from…

The bright chrysanthemum (or “mum”) has origins from the 15th century B.C. and a mythology full of compelling stories and symbolism. The name is Greek, with “chrys“ meaning “golden,” and “anthemion” flower. Breeding throughout the centuries brings us a palette of colors that go far beyond just the original gold hue.

Joy and Happiness in Fall Arrangements

thumbnailChrysanthemums resemble the daisy, but its petals are more layered and textured. The center can be yellow to gold in color with a delightful burst of beautiful petals all around it. The mum has symbolized happy feelings like optimism and joy throughout the centuries; in Japan, there’s even an annual “Festival of Happiness” to celebrate it. In Asian mythology, the mum is a sun symbol, representing order and perfection.

The great sage Confucius even proposed the flower should be used in meditation. Another ancient story says that putting a single chrysanthemum petal in your wine glass will bring longevity and good fortune. In the U.S., mums are the birth flower of November, the traditional gift for the 13th wedding anniversary, and the official flower for the city of Chicago.

The Quintessential Fall Flower

Whether you believe the legends or not, you can’t deny that chrysanthemum exudes grace and charm. Elegant and accessible, the bloom is equally appropriate for a grand centerpiece, an autumn gift or a home accent bouquet. An all-mum arrangement like the Decorated Mum Plant is sure to delight, but mums also work very well mixed with other bright autumn blooms.

The Autumn Bouquet combines mums with asters and other classic autumn flowers in a chic cube vase. Brilliant Beauty blends mums with yellow roses and other artful flowers for a look that’s sure to dazzle; or delight them with a Designer’s Choice featuring mums and a variety of cheery autumn blooms.

When selecting an autumn arrangement as a gift for friends and loved ones this fall season, consider sending the bright and cheery chrysanthemum.