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Top Tips For Florals

So you bring some beautiful flowers home and you want them to last forever. Part of their beauty is, of course, that they won't, so you must enjoy them while they are in full flower. But Blossom Flower Shops wants you to get as much life and enjoyment out of them as possible, which is why we've included our best tips below, so read on. Read More about Top Tips For Florals »
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Blossom Along With Us This Spring

Blossom Flower Shops is looking ahead to March 21, when they tell us spring starts. It may be a bit later for us than that---we can't imagine our gardens suddenly bursting into action, for one---but there's absolutely no reason we can't convince ourselves that it's spring inside our home and work spaces. And how do we do that? With flowers and plants. Or flowering plants. Read More about Blossom Along With Us This Spring »
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Pastoral Flowers That Promote Healing

We call them get well flowers, but Blossom Flower Shops thinks it would be more apt to consider them "health promoters." In study after study, floral arrangements and potted plants have been shown to have serious benefits on people who are under the weather or in the hospital. The impacts range from helping to lower blood pressure and decrease the reliance on pain medication to oxygenating an enclosed space and boosting morale. People who receive flowers when they're ailing are more likely to be in contact with friends and family, and we all know that maintaining healthy relationships certainly impacts our well being. Read More about Pastoral Flowers That Promote Healing »
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Green Gifts for the Host

So you're going somewhere else for Thanksgiving. You're in good company. Nearly 50 million people traveled 50 miles or more to break bread at someone else's table last Thanksgiving in the U.S. And while you may be transporting an item for the table if you're driving - or just yourself if you're flying - one thing's for sure: a host or hostess gift is in order. At Blossom Flower Shops, we're not going to talk you down from the instinct to bring or send flowers. Certainly, a beautiful display of blooms makes a fresh and vital point about your gratitude. On the other hand, in these cold months, something a little more green (and a little more accommodating to all tastes and preferences) might be just the thing. Read More about Green Gifts for the Host »
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The Perfect Piece for Veterans Day

  On November 11, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson made the first official statement about Veterans Day, which was then known as "Armistice Day" because it commemorated the resolution of WWI a year earlier. In it, he described the U.S. as being "filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country's service" and called the victory an opportunity for America "to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of nations." Since then, Veterans Day has been a time to shower our vets with honor and gratitude, a thing we at Blossom Flower Shops know a little about. And yes, we do have the perfect piece for Veterans Day. Read More about The Perfect Piece for Veterans Day »
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Mother’s Day Stories – From the Blossom Team

At Blossom Flower Shops, we love our Moms as much as you do. That's why we put so much effort, passion and creativity into designing the beautiful floral designs in our Mother's Day collection - we are dedicated to showing Moms across the area just how special they are. In honor of this special day, we asked Carly about the unique mother-daughter teams at Blossom Flower Shops. These ladies work side-by-side every day to bring you the most beautiful bouquets and arrangements in Yonkers and White Plains. Here is just one of our own personal Mother's Day stories Read More about Mother’s Day Stories – From the Blossom Team »
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Inspired Birthstone Bouquets

A birthday is certainly a cause for celebration, but it can be difficult to come up with birthday gifts that are meaningful and unique. In 2017, we suggest that you resolve to send birthday floral arrangements that are inspired by your loved one's birthstone - not only will each bouquet be custom made and different than all the rest, but it will hold a special significance that you can share with them. Simply call Blossom Flower Shops and ask to speak with one of our professional designers - we will be happy to help you imagine the birthstone bouquets. Read More about Inspired Birthstone Bouquets »
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