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Posted by Kevin Kegan on October 27, 2016 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Uncategorized

Traditional Thanksgiving Day

thanksgiving day Being a family-owned business, Blossom Flower Shops are definitely thankful for those we love. This time of year is very special to us, especially because we don’t limit our definition of family – we are also so grateful for our Blossom family and our wonderful community of customers and supporters! As Thanksgiving Day approaches, we are preparing our stores for this popular holiday – and getting ready to provide all of you with the most beautiful and creative Thanksgiving centerpieces, bouquets and arrangements. As you consider which flowers you’ll be needing for your holiday table, we’d like to celebrate a few other holiday traditions we all hold dear.

The Thanksgiving turkey may be the most recognizable food on the table, but it may or may not have been present at the first feast. Waterfowl (ducks), venison, lobster, and clams were all served, according to written accounts of the Plymouth settlers; but the turkey is not often mentioned. Cranberries, pumpkins, and fruit have gone on to become staples of the modern meal, although seafood seems to have to have dropped off the holiday table.

Even though the “first Thanksgiving” took place in 1621, there was a significant gap between this event and the adoption of the day as a national holiday. There were other attempts throughout history to establish the day but it was Abraham Lincoln who made it official in 1863. It was Alexander Hamilton who famously remarked, “No American should be without a turkey on Thanksgiving Day”. Theories on how the turkey finally solidified its place of honor are varied but include a nod towards the Dicken’s classic “Christmas Carol”, which presented  large turkey as the chosen holiday feast of Ebeneezer Scrooge.

There are two TV traditions that have come to represent the day.

* The original Macy’s Day parade took place on Christmas of 1924, and in 1927, the first balloon was unveiled (Felix the Cat). By 1932, the parade had moved to Thanksgiving Day and was broadcast over the radio.

* It was 1934 when the 5-year-old football franchise of the Detroit Lions decided to play on Thanksgiving Day in a desperate ploy to garner new fans to watch them. The gamble paid off big, and they have played every Thanksgiving since then. In 1966, a second game was added, always with the Dallas Cowboys on the field. And although a third game was added in 2006, the rosters rotate.

So much tradition to celebrate in one day! To bring color and vibrancy to your festivities, and for all of your Thanksgiving floral needs, make sure to come into either our Yonkers or White Plains location. Order early for your table, your home – or for a beautiful hostess gift. At Blossom Flower Shops, we are always thankful for you – and we can’t wait to help you celebrate this special day.