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Posted by Kevin Kegan on June 10, 2020 | Last Updated: August 26, 2022 Uncategorized

Top Plant and Flower Identification Apps

Show off your plant and flower knowledge to your friends and family by having a convenient and informative plant identification app on your smartphone! In minutes, you’ll be able to identify and speak knowledgeably about an innumerable variety of plants and flowers you may come across.

This bouquet exudes the feeling of walking through a beautiful garden. A design of brightly colored hydrangea, roses, and lilies make a grand statement perfect for showing your loved one how you feel.

Of course, you could also always visit your local top-rated Yonkers and White Plains florist, Blossom Flower Shops, and ask any of our flower experts, but in the meantime, peruse the list we put together for you of great plant identification apps.

Our Favorite Flower & Plant ID Apps




Quickly and easily received plant identification with PlantSpot, a plant education and ID app available only for iOS devices. All you need to do is take a photo, upload it to the app’s server, and immediately get your results. This app uses artificial intelligence technology and machine learning to recognize all flowers, plants, and trees. Also, PlantSpot will tell you everything about the plant, how to take care of it, and notify you when it’s time to water and fertilize.




Plantix is a free plant and flower identification app for Android users. It not only identifies plants but also identifies plant problems and diseases. This app also allows users to connect and offer regional or local plant information. Plantix has no ads or in-app purchases.


What’s That Flower?

This is an app that doesn’t rely on photo uploads to identify flowers and plants, but rather answers to questions it poses about what you’re looking at. It starts with entering the color, region, and the number of petals, and then several matching images of flowers will be presented for you to compare and identify. What’s That Flower has over 600 varieties of flowers and it’s loads of fun to scroll through looking at and learning more about them. This is a free app but also offers a paid ad-free version.



Ever wish you had a friend who was a botanist you could send pictures of flowers and plant to for them to identify? Well, with the FlowerChecker app, you do! Instead of computer algorithms, there are real botany experts who analyze your photo and identify it for you. Their team claims to be able to identify over 90% of all plant species, including lichen, moss, and fungi. Most results take minutes or up to an hour but some responses may take several hours. Since humans are involved, there is a charge of .99 cents for each identification. There is no charge if they are unable to identify your specimen.



PictureThis uses AI to identify pictures of flowers and plants. So far, this app had identified 27 million plants and claims 99% accuracy. Other features include tips on watering, controlling pests, disease ID, and a social network for plant lovers. This is a paid app but offers a free 7-day trial.

More Nature Identification Apps

  • NatureGate – IDs plants with a database of over 700 species and identify fish, birds, and butterflies, too.
  • iNaturalist – Connects you with a community of over 400.000 naturalists and scientists to help you identify the plants and animals around you.
  • LeafSnap – Identifies tree species based on a photograph of its leaves.
  • Wildflower Apps – for nearly every region in the U.S. for all the wildflower lovers out there.