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Posted by Kevin Kegan on December 11, 2016 Uncategorized

The Tradition of the Poinsettia

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Did you ever wonder how the poinsettia became the official flower of Christmas? The legend begins in Mexico, which is where the poinsettia was originally discovered.

The Mexican legend of the poinsettia tells the story of a young peasant girl who was traveling to see the Christ child on the night of His birth. She was very poor and didn’t have enough money to buy a gift to offer Him, and was too ashamed to greet Him empty handed. Before approaching the manger she pulled up some wildflowers from the side of the road. Placing her gift of pure love at the child’s feet, the ragged plants transformed into a beautiful poinsettia plant.

Over the years, Christian tradition has suggested other associations between the poinsettia and the holiday. Some say that the flower’s celestial shape is a reflection of the Star of Bethlehem, while others say that the deep red hue of the blossom is the result of the blood which flowed from the crown of thorns. Regardless of the stories, there is no denying that the Christmas poinsettia is a beloved custom. In addition to the red variety, poinsettias also come in shades of white and pink and in a range of sizes.

With their star-shaped leaves and vivid hue, the holiday just wouldn’t be the same without the poinsettia, and Blossom Flower Shops have the best quality plants in White Plains and Yonkers.

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Poinsettias can thrive throughout the holidays and beyond if you follow just a few simple guidelines.

  • The plant should be kept in temperatures of 65-75 degrees during the day, and a bit cooler at night.
  • The plant will love sitting in sunlight on the windowsill, but don’t let it touch a cold pane or be in the path of a draft – either warm or cold – as the leaves will wilt.
  • When the soil is dry to the touch, water the plant well. Drain any excess water, as the roots will rot if they rest in standing water.

If you are looking for a memorable holiday gift, the creative designers at Blossom Flower Shops have assembled a gift guide which offers poinsettias, wreaths, seasonal floral arrangements, miniature boxwood trees, and centerpieces for your holiday table. No matter the size of your gift list or your holiday style, you’ll find something for everyone at our Yonkers and White Plains shop locations – or order online for convenient delivery by Christmas!