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Posted by Kevin Kegan on May 27, 2020 | Last Updated: June 2, 2020 Uncategorized

The Fresh Beauty of English Garden Style Arrangements

The English Garden Style, also known as the English Cottage Style, refers to a type of flower bouquet that uses fresh-from-the-garden blooms arranged in an artfully irregular manner mimicking how the flowers would look in nature. It’s a very popular design and is often seen at weddings and other formal events. What makes this floral arrangement so charming is that it uses only flowers and plants that grow together seasonally as they would in a natural environment – like a garden. 

English Cottage

Here at Blossom Flower Shops, we love working with fresh, seasonal blooms and using local flowers as much as possible. What’s great about the English Garden Style arrangement is that it works for every season! It’s a wonderful, natural collection of seasonal blooms presented in a way that is neither fussy nor overly-styled – but just a (seemingly) simple exhibition of some of Mother’s Nature’s finest.  

Birdbath in English Cottage Garden

English Garden Style Principles

Besides fresh, seasonal plants and flowers, other main principles of the English Garden Style typically include big, burgeoning blooms such as English Garden Roses, Dahlias, Ranunculus, and peonies paired with smaller, colorful flowers. Vertical accents such as larkspur, delphinium, snapdragon, foxglove are also common. These floral elements are then surrounded by more than the usual amount of greenery capturing the look of a flourishing garden. The shape is usually oval or round with an overall look of understated elegance, vibrant life, and subtle grace.

A lush arrangement of soft blues, greens, and creamy peaches designed with beautiful hydrangea, lavish roses, and striking orchids creates an arrangement perfect for any occasion. Overall arrangement is approx 18"H x 14"W and sits perfectly on a kitchen island or dining room table.

Beautiful Garden

A classic pastel color pallet perfect for Spring! Peach roses are beautifully combined with pink lisianthus and lavender stock all organically designed with eucalyptus and dusty miller foliage. Overall arrangement is approximately 12"H x 14"W and perfect for a dining room table or large kitchen island.


Best Occasions for Use

Commonly seen at weddings, the English Garden Style arrangement is great for any type of occasion. From birthday to Mother’s Day, Anniversary to Just Because this charming floral arrangement is beloved by all. This is a style that’s full of charm and enhances any space or event. Perfect for loved ones or just for yourself, English Garden Style bouquets are wonderful, life-affirming, nature-appreciating, one-of-a-kind gifts. Pick one out now!