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Posted by Kevin Kegan on November 7, 2017 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Uncategorized

Thanksgiving Centerpieces with Panache

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you’re going to need some flowers.

Maybe you expected us to say “turkey, sides and a flat screen with football queued up,” but allow us at Blossom Flower Shops to direct your attention elsewhere. Specifically, toward a drop-dead gorgeous centerpiece, which should sit proudly at the heart of your dining table for all to see and enjoy. That’s a tall order, we know.

Thanksgiving is made for lavish displays; after all, this is the holiday that celebrates abundance and plenty along with gratitude and giving. Traditionally, cornucopias would spill forth the season’s harvest fruits, but these days, the best way to reflect that spirit is to let the flowers do the talking (though you could fill a cornucopia with them also, of course). We love our Giving Thanks¬†centerpiece for this very reason. A glorious representation of abundance, cabbage flowers, lilies, roses and so much more gather together in a fanciful display of Fall color and bounty. Just try to look away from this beauty, if it adorns your Thanksgiving table.

You can never go wrong with the classic look of flowers sweeping the table, as with our¬†Fall Centerpiece. You’ll want to take stock of how much space you have to play with before you commit to a centerpiece. We recommend doing a “mock up” of how you’ll place settings and serve ware to give you the best sense of which one you should choose.

And don’t forget, a centerpiece can also move to the hutch or a buffet as you sit down to eat, or reside there the entire time. The point is to introduce a floral focal piece that creates visual interest and adds life to the dining area.