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Posted by Kevin Kegan on September 24, 2019 | Last Updated: March 30, 2021 Uncategorized

How to Send a Get-Well Plant to Someone in the Hospital

At Blossom Flower Shops in Yonkers, NY, our florists love flowers, and we won’t deny that they’re a popular gift for hospital patients. We, however, recommend sending live plants to the hospital, instead. Yes, floral arrangements are stunning, but live plants offer enduring beauty. They’re not only colorful and cheerful, but they’re also long-lasting. In fact, your friend or loved one will enjoy a live plant for the duration of his or her hospital stay. Plus, they’ll then be reminded of your warm-wishes long after recovering and returning home.

Cheering Up Is Important, But Plants Can Do Even More!

Well-wishes and having people who care are essential to keeping a patient’s spirits high, but live plants can do even more than convey your warm thoughts. They purify the air and replenish oxygen, benefiting anyone who’s breathing. Scientific studies have shown that live plants are actually quite beneficial to patients in hospitals. They’ve been shown to improve both patients’ psychological and physiological responses. Patients with live plants in their hospital rooms experience less anxiety and pain and end up requiring less pain medication than patients without plants. They also report feeling more energetic and tend to have lower blood pressure.

Our Top Plant Recommendations for Hospital Patients

Any live plant can help purify the air while promoting wellness and accelerating recovery. Some of the best options, however, include plants that are easy to care for and keep alive. Green thumb or not, living plants like pathos, snake and spider plants, corn plants, and philodendrons are quite hardy and can thrive in a variety of environments.

At Blossom Flower Shops, we have a wide variety of floral arrangements and live, potted plants designed especially to help patients get well. A get-well favorite, we often recommend the Newport Dish Garden. This live arrangement features a wide, leafy variety of verdant plants in a slate planter. The live plants featured in this potted arrangement will not only deliver major health benefits but will also create a peaceful, calming environment in your loved one’s hospital room. Available in two sizes, you can select the one that’ll best complement the room’s space.

Newport Dish Garden

Choosing a Plant to Send to the Hospital: What You Need to Know

Your loved one’s wellbeing is the top priority when choosing a plant to be delivered. Before selecting and sending a plant to the hospital, consider the following advice:

  • Blooming plants or those that are especially fragrant might not be suitable for patients with pollen allergies or other sensitivities.
  • Some medical centers don’t allow floral or plant deliveries. Contact the hospital before ordering.
  • Find out whether the hospital has set hours when deliveries are allowed.
  • Ask for your friend’s room number.
  • When you contact the florist, be ready to provide the hospital’s name and address, in addition to your friend’s full name and room number.
  • Before ordering, it’s also a good idea to think about what you want to say if you choose to include a brief message with your delivery.

Baskets, Balloons, and Cuddles! What to Send, When You Can’t Send Plants

Some medical centers don’t allow the delivery of plants or floral arrangements. If your friend or loved one happens to be staying in a medical center with these policies, there’s no need to fret! You can still have an uplifting gift delivered by Blossom Flower Shops. Instead of blossoming blooms or a live plant, send comfort and cheer with a gift basket containing delicious delicacies, a bouquet of bouncing balloons, or a cute and cuddly stuffed animal.

With Blossom Flower Shops in Yonkers, New York, the get-well gift possibilities are limitless. To place an order for your delivery or for a get-well gift recommendation, contact one of our expert florists today!

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