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Posted by Kevin Kegan on November 4, 2019 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Uncategorized

Honor Your Thanksgiving Hostess with the Perfect Hostess Gift

Thanksgiving is almost here when we reflect on how thankful we are for the many blessings in our lives. Usually, we do this by gathering with friends or family for an abundant feast and enjoy the day together. If you’re hosting a get-together this year, you’ll probably have your hands full preparing for a day of eating, drinking and socializing. But if you’re a guest, you’re off the hook! Mostly… However, it’s important to honor your host and hostess and let them know how thankful you are, among other things, to play a supporting role.

Bringing a hostess gift is important for a number of reasons. The floral experts at Blossom Flower Shops can tell you why this is a time-honored tradition, and help you choose the perfect gift for any situation. Make sure you start the day off on the right foot and even get yourself invited back next year with these tips.

Give Gifts That Honor Your Hostess

Bejeweled Bouquet

First of all, honoring a host or hostess with a hostess gift is just good form. They are doing all of the work, pouring time, energy and probably a significant amount of money into the Thanksgiving meal, drinks, and decor. Respect their hard work and show your gratitude with a beautiful gift from the heart. Here are a few types of gifts that will be more of a blessing than a burden in the middle of a busy Thanksgiving celebration.

  • Give Something Easy: A gift that is easily opened, displayed or used will make your hostess happy and let her get back to the kitchen all at the same time. Choose a fun set of coasters, a lovely coffee table book of something that interests her, or cute tea towels that match her kitchen. She can quickly set them out and keep moving as she finishes her preparations.
  • Give Something Pretty: Anything that adds to her home’s beauty or the serving and dining tables themselves will be a welcomed addition. Bring a beautiful set of decorative cheese knives, or send our beautiful Bejeweled Bouquet ahead of time to let her know you’re eager to join the party.
  • Give Something for Later: A treat just for the hostess that she can enjoy after Thanksgiving is over will refresh her and make her thankful for her guests. A new book by her favorite author, a set of bath bombs, or a collection of fine teas with a new mug will be something she can enjoy as she reflects on the beauty of the day.

Be a Great Friend at Friendsgiving

Wine to Share

The concept of Friendsgiving is relatively new but has started to become a tradition in its own right already. Friends get together for their own version of Thanksgiving, usually on one of the weekends before Thanksgiving Day, to enjoy one another’s company before scattering to visit relatives elsewhere. While it often looks a lot like a traditional Thanksgiving feast, this tradition has been embraced by millennials and those with limited resources. So, everyone pitching in to make the day a success is important. If you’re invited to a Friendsgiving, count yourself blessed, and plan to bring at least one of the following:

  • Side Dish: While the host will be preparing the turkey and gravy, it’s helpful if everyone else brings a side dish. Before you make the cheesiest potato dish you can imagine, remember there may be friends with food sensitivities at your fete. Consider making a side dish of steamed veggies or sans cheese to include everyone.
  • Ice: A host or hostess can never have enough ice, nor do they have time to run out a grab more. Bring ice.
  • Dessert: Dietary restrictions aside, Thanksgiving is a day of blessings and abundance. Make your favorite bars, pie or cake to share and enjoy the indulgence.
  • Drinks: If everyone brings a bottle, you’ll have enough and keep the party rolling all the way through dessert and games.
  • Leftover Containers: It’s likely that your host may not have enough space or containers to fit all the leftovers. Bring a set of inexpensive plastic containers with lids so everyone can pack leftovers to take home.

Make a Memorable First Impression

Autumn Essence

If this Thanksgiving is an opportunity for you to meet or spend time with in-laws or other significant people in your spouse’s life, it will be important for you to make a great first impression. You’ll also want to reduce the amount of awkward silences that inevitably come with situations, and we have some great ideas to keep those at bay:

  • Do Your Research: Before arriving, ask your spouse a few key questions about your hostess’s tastes and hobbies, then choose a chic gift that fits those categories. If she quilts, a lovely woven basket for keeping her quilting supplies nearby is perfect. Does she love cats? A set of stationary with cat designs is sweet. You can also do a quick Google search for conversation starters that will help you keep the dinner chat on track and away from awkward topics like politics and religion.
  • Keep It Traditional: When in doubt, choose something traditional and upscale. A nice bottle of wine, a set of monogrammed linen napkins, or a fall-scented candle make great gifts and a great first impression.
  • Say Thank-You Afterwards, too: Arrange to send a beautiful bouquet of flowers the next day to thank your host and hostess for having you. Our fascinating Autumn Essence bouquet is full of color and lush design, making it a beautiful choice to show your appreciation.

Make New Memories with Your Hostess Gift

Conversational Games

If your Thanksgiving will be everything you expect- same folks, same house, same food- mix it up a bit by bringing a unique and unexpected hostess gift. Bonus points for delighting the entire crowd with your well-chosen gift.

  • Bring a Family-Friendly Activity: By now, you know this crowd and what they’ll like. Give your hostess a family-friendly game that will get everyone involved and make some new memories with your favorite people.
  • Bring Something for Kids: A fun new game that engages kids will keep them busy and let parents off the hook for a while. Everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the chance to have some adult conversation.
  • Don’t Forget the Pets: If your host and hostess have pets, be sure to include them. A fun new dog dish or cat toy will be a delight to your host and their pets.

No matter what kind of Thanksgiving you’ll be joining this year, be a great guest and show up with gifts that bless your host and hostess. They’ll love your thoughtfulness, and you’ll be one step closer to a memorable Thanksgiving that everyone enjoys. For more great ideas of gifts that will honor your hostess on Thanksgiving, talk to the design professionals at Blossom Flower Shops. We know gifts and gift-giving, and we will offer plenty of hostess-approved gifts.