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Posted by Kevin Kegan on November 15, 2019 | Last Updated: November 20, 2019 Uncategorized

Floral Experts Favorite Flowers

Everyone has a favorite flower. Some love fragrant flowers, others beautiful ones. Some love rare varieties while others prefer surrounding themselves with flowers that create a particular mood. No matter what type of flower you choose as your favorite, there’s clear research that shows how important it is to bring flowers into our lives. They lift our spirits and encourage positivity. Plus, the flowers you choose to send or display in your own home say a lot about your personality. The designers at Blossom Flower Shops want to share our favorite flowers with you and describe what they often mean.


Red Dahlia

Red Dahlia

ruby red dahlias with peach and pink flowers in vase

Something Bouquet

We love our locally grown dahlias, which come in rich, bold colors and have quite a bit of flair in their design. Their short, multi-layered petals create a spherical head with pointed ends, creating a globe of color and intrigue. With a slightly untamed texture that showcases their unique style, dahlias like those featured in our Something bouquet reflect an independent spirit and the deep mysteries of the heart. Native to Mexico, dahlias were historically representatives of love and marriage, but have also come to represent adventure, balance and inner strength. Send gorgeous dahlias to your most adventure-loving friend, or keep them near you as you work to achieve balance and strength in your own life.

Garden Roses

pink and orange garden roses with purple and orange accent florals

Revolution Bouquet

peach and yellow garden roses with ruby red dahlias and lots of greenery

Autumn Essence Bouquet

Classic and always stylish, garden roses are a romantic, ruffly version of their more sleek long-stem cousins. Unlike the Ecuadorian roses we often see in bouquets of a dozen red roses, garden roses are a variety that brings elegance and grace to the table. We love their rich fragrance, soft colors, and edges, as well as their romantic style. Frilly edges and heads full of delicate petals, we find this variety of rose to be more natural and fresh than other varieties. These make beautiful additions to wedding bouquets or in lovely bouquets like the pink and orange variety in our Revolution bouquet, or the softer pink and yellow type in our Autumn Essence bouquets. They also pair beautifully with dahlias, as you can see in both of these designs. 


sunflowers and orange roses with green accents in vase

Sunkist Bouquet

Bright and cheery, our locally-grown sunflowers are a favorite for their bright color and hint of sunshine. With large, open faces filled with brown, white or green centers surrounded by layers of smooth yellow petals, sunflowers are the life of the party, just like the people who admire them. We love sourcing our flowers locally, as well, so these blooms, like we use in our Sunkist bouquet, communicate our optimism and adoration of our growers. Send sunflowers to brighten anyone’s day, or place them throughout your home for a happy pick-me-up. 

Send your favorite flowers to tell friends and loved ones a little more about yourself. Fill your home or workspace with reflections of your personality with flowers that show your style. Use specific flowers to communicate a clear message to friends and loved ones. Talk to the floral experts at Blossom Flower Shops to learn more about your favorite flowers and how to include them in your daily life. Plus, when you buy your flowers from us, you support local growers and encourage our local economy!