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Posted by Kevin Kegan on February 15, 2019 Uncategorized

Energetic New Floral Trends

This year’s new Floral Trend Forecast for 2019 has been announced, and we are very excited at these energetic new floral trends. One of our favorite looks is called Forest Walk, named for the deep, bold colors found under the forest canopy. Dark greens and blues are complemented by rich amber yellows, plums, and burgundys for a world of inspiration. The natural, organic elements found in nature, like pods, thistle, vines, berries and ferns lend beauty and texture as well. A Forest Walk bouquet will remind you of the feel of a walk in a fresh morning wood. Blossom Flower Shop is working with this trendy bold look to bring a natural earthy vibe to our amazing designs. We’re keeping Forest Walk in mind for you to enjoy this season.

Just as if it’s been freshly gathered straight from the forest, our Beautiful Blue design is an ensemble of blue delphinium, white snapdragon, and green bells of Ireland, accented by ferns and fragrant cedar, this inspired piece arrives in an elegant white vase.

Showcase your style and sense of earthy freshness with a beautiful Forest Walk bouquet this season. Let the artisans at Blossom Flower Shop introduce you to this mesmerizing color palette and fluid patterns with our array of Forest Walk designs.