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Posted by Kevin Kegan on August 1, 2019 | Last Updated: August 6, 2019 Uncategorized

4 Fabulous Ways Grandparents Day Can Preserve Family History

Grandparents Day is quickly approaching on the second weekend in September. This is a fabulous time for multiple generations to get together and spend time with one another. Grandparents and grandchildren learning one another and bonding is a great way to preserve family history and build new memories together. Consider sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers, long-lasting plant, or special gift along with a special note or poem that will let them know how special they are to your family. Our professional delivery team at Blossom Flower Shop is proud to deliver your special selection to any nursing homes, senior community, retirement centers and assisted living facilities as well as private residences in the greater Yonkers and White Plains area. When it comes to getting children and grandparents together, Blossom Flower Shops has a few ideas for you.

Send Grands Something Special

Have our beautiful Lovely Lavender bouquet delivered directly to Nana and Papa to complete your family’s Grandparents Day. A clear glass cube vase is bursting with lavender roses and purple and lime hydrangea. What a festive way to celebrate family! Let kids Shine On when they present grandparents with beautiful white roses nestled in hydrangea and accented with eucalyptus. What a fresh, elegant display of love and affection! A lovely European Garden with bright flowering plants will delight grandparents with its long-lasting beauty. 

Cook a meal 

Get together with grandparents and cook a meal that grandchildren and grandparents can present to the entire family when finished. Don’t forget to tell the kids to discover Grandpa’s secret ingredient for his lasagna.

Perform a Talent Show

Do the kids have a special talent they can present to Grandma and Grandpa? Perhaps a ballet routine, a piano piece or a song performed together with the cousins will bless Grandma and Grandpa with a personal show. 

Game Night

Organize a family game night where grandparents can show grandchildren their go-to card game, then grandchildren can show grandparents how to play the newest board game. Time together is time well-spent.

Grandparents and grandchildren can form a special bond on Grandparents Day. What a wonderful time to begin that process. Spanning generations of family is a beautiful way to connect and keep family memories alive while making new ones. For more Grandparents Day ideas talk to the floral designers at Blossom Flowers Shops. Let us help you have a memorable grandparents day this year.