Blossom Flower Shops

Blossom Flower Shops

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Yes We Can

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customer response tells it all…….

“On Saturday evening we called your store because we needed a flower
for Sunday. We knew we could pick it up at the Yonkers office
since the
White Plains store is closed on Sunday.
I am so sorry I cannot remember who I spoke with, but I described what I
wanted and what I didn’t want. The
staff person was the model customer
service person. She walked me through several pieces online, and she
obviously took my request seriously. I wanted an altar piece, but not
something that looked like a
funeral piece even though it was in memory of
someone very dear to us. We wanted something colorful, alive, and vibrant and
that would make a statement when people saw it. Needless to say when my
husband picked up the piece it was ‘outstanding – a work of art, a vibrant
collection of beauty.
Thanks, thanks thanks. We knew we could depend on you to make this occasion
special for us.
Dr & Mrs Peter Flemister”