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Posted by Kevin Kegan on May 29, 2015 Uncategorized

Why Roses for June Birthdays

rosesThe birth flower for the month of June is the rose. Here at Blossom Flower Shops, we’ve decided to celebrate this spectacular flower all month. These flowers have always been seen as an expression of love. This is particularly true of red roses.

Roses are very old flowers, and we know this because of the historical evidence to support the claim. Scientists found evidence that they existed over 35 million years ago when they got their hands on rose fossils. Another piece of historical evidence dates back to 2860 B.C. and the writing that appears on a Sumerian Cuneiform tablet. Another possible bit of evidence comes from Confucius, who claimed that the Chinese Imperial Library had many books about the flower.


Red Roses

What is the Symbolism Behind Different Rose Colors?

  • Red roses have been associated with love, passion, and passion and desire. They always express the depths of intimate emotions such as admiration, devotion, and respect. A rose in a deep shade of red conveys a sense of sorrow or heartfelt regrets about something.
  • White roses represent new beginnings. That is why they are often used in bridal bouquets. White is also the color of chastity, innocence, and purity. White can also express humility, spirituality, or sympathy.
  • Yellow roses convey feelings of exuberance. They also represent happiness, joy, caring, and friendship. Yellow roses deliver warm and welcoming sentiments as well.
  • Pink roses convey a sense of admiration and gratitude. They also express joyful feelings. The shade of pink is important because light pink symbolizes sweetness and innocence, whereas dark pink roses suggest appreciation and gratitude. Pink is also connected with grace and elegance.
  • Orange roses symbolize energy and passion. They remind people of the intensity of a fiery blaze. Orange roses can also express fervor, pride, and intense desire. Orange roses are second to red ones in expressing romantic and passionate feelings.
  • Lavender expresses feelings of enchantment; however, it can also symbolize love at first sight. Dark lavender (or lavender that is almost purple,) represents a sense of splendor or regal majesty. Lavender can also convey feelings of adoration or fascination.
  • There is no true blue rose, but blue roses are the ultimate expression of unattainable desire.
  • Green roses aren’t truly green; they are off white with tinges of green in or on the petals. Green represents feelings of peace and tranquility. A gift of green roses can send a message of hopefulness that a new adventure in life will be prosperous. It is also appropriate when you want to wish someone a speedy recovery.


Our spectacular Allure arrangement is sure to bring out the sparkle in any recipient’s eyes. We chose a beautiful Charlotte vase to showcase this bouquet of a dozen pink roses, mixed with white lilies, orchids, and stock. Show someone your appreciation, or wish someone a lavish happy birthday.