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What Flowers to Get on St. Patrick’s Day

social copyNew Yorkers have marched in St. Patrick’s Day parades since 1762 when some Irish soldiers who belonged to the British military, marched down Broadway in New York City. Their march marked the start of the St. Patrick’s Day parade tradition in the city.


St. Patrick’s Day is actually a day on which Catholics celebrate the day that honors St. Patrick, the patron saint and Apostle of Ireland. Modern 21st century St. Patrick’s Day celebrations encompass many things, but the best-known way people show their Irish pride is by eating, drinking, and enjoying merrymaking. Since this is a day of partying, Blossom Flower Shops wants to be sure that our customers can spread Irish cheer in style.


St. Patrick was born in Britain, sometime around 390 A.D. He came from an Aristocratic Roman slave-owning family. Little is known about his early life, but his letters relay information about his life as a missionary. He was captured outside of Britain, presumably near Ireland. He was held as a slave there for many years. When he finally escaped, he returned to Britain, where he joined his family. He later devoted himself to Christian missionary work.

The shamrock was an important teaching tool because it helped him explain the Holy Trinity.


St. Patrick's Day Tradition

St. Patrick’s Day Tradition

Nothing tops the festiveness of green carnations. Dress up your table for a St. Patrick’s Day feast, or give this bouquet to a person who invites you to their home to celebrate the Luck-o-the Irish.


Travel to the English gardens of Avon. The Brits are known for their outstanding gardens, and this is no exception. We combine greenery and green flowers with peach, and cream and peach-colored roses. It is bright, spring-like colors will warm the coldest New York air.



Irish Eyes

Share a bit of spring with someone. Warm their heart with a bit of sunshine and some green in keeping with the “luck of the Irish” We combine yellow spray roses and white roses, bringing them together with seasonal green flowers to bring our Irish Eyes are Smiling bouquet.


This St. Patrick’s Day, join with many Irish-American New Yorkers, as they watch the parade, join in local festivities, or celebrate the Irish culture.