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Blossom Flower Shops

Posted by Kevin Kegan on April 3, 2015 Events Flowers Prom

What Flowers Should I Wear to Prom

shutterstock_50394988Each year, millions of high school students around the country get dressed up in their finest and attend the spring prom. As one of the major events of senior year, prom usually involves a fair amount of planning for clothing, flowers, and dinner. Whether you’re thinking about a casual prom with friends or a fancy dress date with your significant other, the flowers you choose will help make the event beautiful.

A Little Prom History

As a tradition that stretches back more than a century, prom was once a party for college students, but eventually found its way to high schools around the nation. Today, the yearly ritual features fancy dresses, flowers, limousines, and music that you’ll remember long after you’ve left high school.

Did you know that the earliest proms around 1900 were usually a simple tea where students wore clothes like they might wear to church? It wasn’t until after the close of WWII that proms would start to become the dance-fueled spectacles they’ve become today.

As far as flowers go, the corsage isn’t actually something that was invented for prom. People have actually been wearing rose corsages for centuries. They were once attached to the bodice of the dress, but eventually became a decoration for the wrist.

Pink Roses

Pink Roses

Getting Your Flowers Just Right

Couples often give flowers to their dates in the form of corsages and boutonnieres, but it’s become a tradition for those flowers to match, just like the couple’s clothing. Just like you might coordinate her dress with his accessories (a blue dress and a blue tie, for example), the flowers are another area you’ll want to synchronize.

If you’re not sure what colors might match best, choosing white roses or orchids is very nearly always a good choice. Whether you’re wearing fuchsia, bright yellow, or blue, white corsages and boutonnieres will always look stunning.

White Rose Corsage

White Rose Corsage

For adventurous couples, you might also try to match the colors of the flowers to the accessories. For example, her dress might be in a striking shade of red while his tie might be in the same shade of crimson. Think about some matching red roses or carnations for your prom flowers.

As you choose your flowers for prom from Blossom Flower Shops, remember that there aren’t any rules you absolutely have to follow. Choose your prom flowers in a style and color that’s beautiful to you, and your flowers will always look marvelous.


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