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What are the Best Gifts for Easter

Send Easter Flowers Baton Rouge, LAEaster is a holiday that calls many families to celebrate at church, and it’s also a holiday that’s crossed into the mainstream with gifts of chocolate and candy. Whether your celebration is devout or social, it’s a perfect time to decorate with flowers.

Celebrations of Easter in the Past

For devout Christians, the celebration of Easter today is one of the most important of the year. Many churches report that their crowds on Easter are some of the biggest of the year as they often add extra services to accommodate everyone who wants to observe the holiday in a religious setting.

Easter customs have varied over the centuries, and some of the earliest evidence of the church’s observation of the holiday came in the first century A.D, although interpretations and traditions would change significantly over the millennia.

Many people in North America associate the lily with the Easter holiday, and it’s almost the official flower of the Christian holiday. The lily has been a celebrated part of Easter for many decades, and vases of white lilies are often accompanied by flowers like roses and orchids.

Lillie's, Tulips and Roses in a clear glass vase


Celebrating Easter Today

This classically beautiful white Easter lily plant with its long, graceful leaves is the perfect choice for Easter or spring celebrations. But you aren’t limited to just a single flower for your Easter brunch, church service, or backyard party. Other flowers you might choose include tulips, azaleas, carnations, and roses.

Easter Lily - Baton Rouge, LA

Easter Lily

Many of these flowers are easy to find in traditional Easter colors like pastel pink, light yellow, and baby blue. A gorgeous vase of hydrangea, roses, and orchids in traditional Easter colors almost looks like a work of art and is a beautiful gift for family or a loved on Easter.

Perfect Gifts With Your Easter Flowers

After you’ve chosen a potted tulip plant for your mom or those potted hydrangeas for display at your Easter brunch, some of the best gifts to include during your Easter celebration are the edible kind. If you have children attending the event, cookies shaped like bunnies, eggs, and other symbols of Easter are always a big hit, particularly when they’re covered in delicious pastel-colored frosting.

If the weather cooperates, Easter is also a wonderful time to move your celebration outdoors. Perhaps a neighborhood gathering at a local park or the first backyard party of the spring. Even if the temperatures are a little chilly, Easter is the perfect time to enjoy the early spring.

However you choose to celebrate Easter this year, make sure your celebration is a beautiful one with flowers from Blossom Flower Shops.