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Posted by Kevin Kegan on February 23, 2015 | Last Updated: February 24, 2015 Uncategorized

Why Violets are the Birthday Flower of February

Why Violets are the Birthday Flower of FebruaryThere’s no denying that there is something special about violets. If you know someone with a February birthday, we will show you not only how you can create a special gift with these flowers, but also some of the traditions surrounding violets.

 Why Give Someone Violets?

 Their delicate beauty isn’t the only reason why people love to give violets. These flowers are some of the easiest houseplants to keep. As long as they receive a few hours of sunlight each day and a little bit of water every week, they will reward you with a profusion of blooms all year long.

 In addition to being excellent houseplants, violets come in several colors and they coordinate well with a variety of other plants. If you’d like to send a simple planter with one or several violets, you can choose between white, pink, purple, blue and every shade in between.

 When it comes to baskets and dish gardens, violets make a great accent to blooming plants like primroses and kalanchoe. In fact, our “Sweet Bird Garden” makes use of violets, daisies, kalanchoe, peace lilies and other favorites. This basket makes a wonderful February birthday present and it’s a great way to welcome the coming of spring.

 What do Violets Represent?Violets White Plains, NY

 One of the best things about violets is that they are deeply symbolic flowers. For centuries, these little flowers have been associated with gods, heroes and religious figures. One of the oldest stories about violets dates back to the Trojan War. As the story goes, a Greek hero named Ajax was so ashamed by actions he took against his allies that he took his own life. Where drops of his blood fell, violets grew, giving rise to the meaning of loyalty.

 Painters in the Middle Ages often used the violet as a symbol of purity, innocence and humility. In artwork featuring the Virgin Mary, the violet was used to represent these values.

 As the Victorians developed their language of flowers, these meanings deepened further. When they wanted to send a message of love, divinity, purity or loyalty, they sent violets.

 Today, violets are the flowers of choice when you want to highlight your feelings of loyalty and love. That makes them the perfect gift for friends and family members – especially mothers, grandmothers and daughters.

 If you’re looking for more ways to add violets to your February birthday wishes, feel free to browse the Blossom Flower website. You can also stop in at one of our two locations to see all the blooming violets we have to offer!