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Posted by Kevin Kegan on February 5, 2015 | Last Updated: August 25, 2022 Uncategorized

This Valentine’s Day Give Something Different

shutterstock_123839782For those in relationships, the approaching date of February 14th should help put a sense of urgency in the search for the perfect small gift for that special someone. Valentine’s Day is a spectacular time to show loved ones how much they are adored. Each year, however, many couples set out to find gifts that do not involve using the standard red rose. While the beauty and meaning of love and romance behind the flower is well understood and appreciated, finding something more original can be appealing. At Blossom Flower, we have worked to compile lists of potential alternative gift ideas that should help anyone in their search for the perfect gift.

Aim for cute and loveable

Many people appreciate the grin and affection that comes with cute gifts. Around Valentine’s Day, stuffed animals can be particularly popular. Instead of going with flowers, consider getting an adorable stuffed animal, such as this irresistible white bear. It will beg any recipient to give it a hug, and it will be a gift that can be admired and remembered for years to come.

Go for elegant

Rather than giving cut flowers, go for elegance and timeless beauty with some white orchids. These stunning flowers have become increasingly popular lately as people have recognized their unique appeal. Giving a gift of these two flowers will help light up any room in the house and they can be placed almost anywhere. They fit perfectly on desks, in kitchens, living rooms, end tables, and just about anywhere else where they can have access to regular light. They will make the house seem brighter the entire winter long.

Light up the room with beautiful colors

Step outside of tradition when it comes to flowers and hue and instead go with a flower arrangement that will add a burst of color into any room. Since much of the country is still stuck inside with cold weather on Valentine’s Day, a bold arrangement of oranges, purples, and green can help light up the room and bring a bit of beauty of the outdoors inside. These arrangements will look spectacular on a kitchen table or on the mantle over the fireplace, helping to add a smile to the face of anyone who sees them.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to show loved ones how much they are appreciated. Those who want to find the right gift, while also staying away from the traditional red roses, should find plenty of options to choose from. Look at some of the ideas above and see if any of them might be the right fit for that special someone.