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Posted by Kevin Kegan on February 12, 2018 Uncategorized

A Unique Container Is Everything

February is Creative Romance Month – no pressure or anything. Valentine’s Day has its red roses and attendant requirements for romance, but an entire month devoted to being imaginative in how you express your love and affection? It can seem a little much. But we here at Blossom Flower Shops have a solution, and it has to do with flowers and how to give them.

We tend to put a lot of emphasis on the flowers we give themselves, and that seems fair. Fresh blooms are always welcome, and they have the power to communicate so much (and not just to the one who receives them, but to everyone else who happens to be within a ten foot radius). But if you’re looking to be creative this month, step away from the long-stem red roses and choose a design that makes use of flowers that are just as gorgeous. And then put them in an amazing container. Allow our Deep Red arrangement to demonstrate.

Crimson roses nestled among flowers of similar hues? Check. Beautiful container that shows the whole thing off? Check. Being creative in the floral gift you offer that special someone doesn’t just have to be restricted to the flowers themselves. In this case, the whole look is suggesting a more modern, more inventive approach to romantic flowers. We could look into that pink mirrored glass forever.