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Blossom Flower Shops

Posted by Kevin Kegan on February 26, 2018 Uncategorized

Treat Yo’self To The Flowers You Want

Giving yourself flowers is a crucial part of self-care—or so we here at Blossom Flower Shops think. The kindness you show yourself manifests in different ways; it could be in the form of a pedicure, a massage, a night out with friends. A last-minute ticket to Bermuda or splurging on one of those weighted blankets to give yourself the additional gift of nourishing sleep. But flowers have proven health benefits, impacting everything from cognition and memory to the literal air you’re breathing. So why not give yourself them?

Add flowers to your self-care routine, we say. The best way to take care of yourself is to pursue a well-rounded approach to your well-being. Flowers can fit right into that easily, and seasonal blooms especially can mark a good time to introduce them into your regime. Our Spring Tulips are clearly bursting with the potential to uplift, for example.

Take home (or have delivered) this gorgeous splay of tulips in Easter-egg colors and immediately feel how vibrant and energized your home or work becomes. Tulips are always a graceful, gratifying flower gift because they so signal warmer months and the bounty of flowers to come; it makes total sense you’d want to remind yourself of that, too. So don’t be afraid to go out and get the flowers you want yourself. No need to wait for anyone else to do it!