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Posted by Kevin Kegan on December 30, 2020 | Last Updated: January 8, 2021 Uncategorized

These Blue Flowers will Blow you Away

Rare among the numerous multi-colored flowers in nature is the blue flower. All colors have meaning and symbolism attached to them, and the meaning of the color blue varies depending on the shade. For example, light blue tends to be calming, peaceful, and friendly. Mid-range and vibrant shades of blue represent energy, freshness, and reliability, and dark blue conveys strength and loyalty. Overall, color psychology experts report that blue is typically associated with trust, honesty, and devotion. Here at Blossom Flower Shops, Yonkers and White Plains number one florist, we love using blue flowers for eye-popping accents in an arrangement or grouped together on their own to create a stunning blue design. Below we share with you some of our favorite blue flowers.

The Beautiful Blue Flowers We Love


Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

Growing in colors that range from soft, baby blue to darker, ocean-colored hues, Hydrangeas are beautiful flowers that are a favorite in floral arrangements. Hydrangeas make great filler flowers due to their large size and number of petals. They also present lovely shades of blue with depth and mystery. The shade of blue is actually determined by the alkalinity of the soil in which the hydrangea grows. Blue hydrangeas are considered to convey strong feelings of love and deep understanding. They also signify grace, beauty, and prosperity.

Blue Delphinium

Blue Delphinium

A true blue flower with clusters of blooms that create a dramatic effect, delphiniums are wonderful for adding vibrant color, mass, and vertical accents to arrangements. They are lush and elegant and symbolize encouragement in chasing your dreams and new opportunities.

Blue Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

An alluring cluster of blooms that are light blue at the top and gradually become a darker, deeper blue at the base, the Grape Hyacinth is remarkable and stunning. Similar to how a bunch of grapes looks, these attractive and unique blooms are a showstopper! Grape Hyacinth represents joy, rebirth, trust, and sincerity.

Blue Bellflower against a white background


With blooms the resemble bells, the graceful and elegant Bellflower also grows in light purple, pink, and white. The blue variety is a charming shade of blue that emanates joy and peace. With their long stems, Bellfowers look great as an accent floral in arrangements or grouped together in a vase. This bloom is associated with the fairies realm and symbolize gentleness and long-lasting love.

Blue Asters in a field of green

Blue Aster

In ancient times, Asters were considered magical flowers that possessed healing properties. They were believed to keep away evil spirits and demons. These charming daisy-shaped wildflowers represent patience, love, and elegance.

Forget Me Not Flowers


Though tiny, these vibrant blue, cheery flowers are certainly memorable. Forget-Me-Nots grow in a charming shade of blue with a bright yellow or orange spot in the center Based on an old legend, these flowers were worn by those who were leaving town but did not want to be forgotten by their loved ones. A symbol of loving memories and everlasting love, forget-me-nots are perfect for romantic occasions.

Blue cornflowers growing


Another striking flower that is round and vibrant blue, the cornflower is a wonderful blue flower. Not too long ago, these blooms were worn in the lapel of single men when they were courting someone, which is why the cornflower is also referred to asĀ  “bachelor button.” Representing fidelity, hope in love, and loyalty, cornflowers are the perfect flower to give someone you love.

single Blue Anemone against green leaves

Blue Anemone

Blue anemones can easily brighten any home and bring blissful serenity to any arrangement. A large and glorious flower with an intriguing dark center, anemones are believed to bring good luck and protection from evil.

An impressive display of blue delphinium, white snapdragon, and green bells of Ireland is designed in an elegant white glass vase and accented with fragrant cedar.

Beautiful Blue

For something special and different, think blue the next time you are looking for a floral arrangement. Like in our Beautiful Blue design, blue delphinium shine are they are surrounded by shades of green and white creating a sophisticated yet charming design. Peruse our gorgeous selection of florals now to find the perfect arrangement for you or a loved one.