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Posted by Kevin Kegan on December 14, 2020 | Last Updated: December 27, 2022 Uncategorized

Get Some Good Fortune Flowers & Lucky Plants into Your Home Stat!

Even if you’re not superstitious, it couldn’t hurt to have a few good luck plants around the house just in case. Not only do these plants attract good luck and fortune, but they purify the air, boost moods, and bring a wonderful splash of color to your home. Here at Blossom Flower Shops, the #1 florist in White Plains and Yonkers, our floral experts have listed for your the best plants and florals that attract good luck.

Plants that Bring Good Luck

Lucky Bamboo in ceramic pot

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a traditional Chinese plant that is known for symbolizing good fortune, strength, happiness, and good health. The stalks often twist and bend into interesting shapes so no plants look alike. Bring good fortune and harmony into your home all year round by having one of these beautiful and ornate plants.

small money tree in yellow pot

Money Tree

The Chinese Money Tree is an attractive plant with glossy, green leaves and a braided trunk. The 5 leaves represent the principles of balance in Feng Shui which are water, fire, earth, wind, and metal, and the braided trunk is said to capture good fortune within its folds. Plus, this plant is a great air purifier and pet friendly!

green jade plant in terraotta pot

Jade Plant

According to Feng Shui, houseplants with round leaves attract good luck, especially in the realm of money and wealth. The Jade plant, which is a succulent, has thick, fat leaves so it’s a great plant for bringing prosperity and success into your home.

snake plant in square white pot with white stones

Snake Plant


money plant in orange pot on counter

Money Plant

The Chinese Money plant is an ornate, lovely plant with stems that end in round, flat leaves that look like coins. Plants with round leaves, according to Feng Shui, and known for attracting wealth and good fortune into your home.

Flowers that Bring Good Luck

All flowers have a dynamic and energetic force about them that promotes positivity and good feelings. Keep fresh flowers in your home to always ensure good luck and good vibes throughout. Maintain them, though, by keeping them in good trim so they stay perfect, beautiful, and uplifting for as long as possible. Amass a bunch of colorful blooms together for maximum effect. And don’t forget to give the gift of lucky flowers to spread the joy of good fortune to your friends and family.

Blue and Lavender Hydrangea


Choose a floral arrangement with some hydrangea in it as these fortuitous blooms represent enlightened spirituality, happiness, and gratitude. Purple hydrangeas are extra lucky as they symbolize wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

dark pink peonies up close


Fluffy, large, delicate, and gorgeous, Peonies are good luck flowers that represent abundance, luck, love, and a bevy of riches.

dark pink mums in garden


Another bloom that is said to be lucky, mums are cherished in Asian cultures for symbolizing wealth, prosperity, luck, longevity, and peace.

yellow and orange marigolds


In some cultures, Marigolds are admired for their protective qualities as they are known to ward off evil spirits. Other cultures liken their colors of yellow and gold to be similar to a pot of gold under the rainbow representing wealth and good fortune.

purple and white Phalaenopsis Orchid


Orchids are a great addition to anyone’s home as their exotic beauty add a touch of elegance and mystery to any space. Also, though, these love blooms are known to bring good luck in the areas of love, romance, and fertility. They are believed to nurture and enhance existing relationships while also improving the luck of a single person searching for a romantic partner.

dark pink blooming azleas


Bright pink Azaleas, when placed near your front door, are said to attract good luck and positive energy into your home.

If you don’t already have some of the above good luck plants and beautiful fresh flowers in your home, then don’t wait! Pick some up now so you and your family will attract luck and success in the upcoming year.