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Posted by Kevin Kegan on July 16, 2018 Uncategorized

The Best Floral Songs, Hands Down

People have been singing about flowers, plants and herbs for forever, and our musical cannon is filled with the evidence. Blossom Flower Shops is well-versed in the songs that pay tribute or take inspiration from the floral world, and can you blame them? Flowers inspire us too, and when you combine one of life’s greatest pleasures—music—with one of its most beautiful creations, you get something that’s worthy of the history books, as well as your playlist. Read on to find our top floral song picks that will surely be a hit with you and yours this summer.

Ani DiFranco may not be known for her shy, sweet ballads, but This Bouquet proves that she’s as sentimental as the rest of us. Play this beautiful track to remind everyone of the first blush of falling in love with someone.

Are you having a romantic dinner outdoors, preferably set by the water on a full moon night? Then do yourself a favor and add Jeff Buckley’s 1994 version of Lilac Wine to the mix. We love Nina Simone’s 1954 take too, but there’s something about Buckley’s lilting, sweeping vocals that give this undeniably romantic song its ballast.

Throw on Poison’s epic power ballad, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, and wait for the singing to start. Everybody can relate to Bret Michael’s addictive lament on betrayal and love lost.

Wildflowers by Tom Petty is a plucky, pretty ballad about a girl so special she belongs among the wildflowers. This is what you play on a sweet, slow Sunday morning in the summer as you’re prepping for a decadent brunch or taking breakfast back to bed with you.

For something a little more sultry but not lacking in romance, try Forget Me Nots, sung by Patrice Rushen in 1982. If you’ve never seen a forget-me-not, look up these small blue blossoms and you’ll instantly understand why Rushen uses them as a metaphor for being remembered.

Pair your playlist with a floral design fit for the season like Summer Embrace. Music and flowers go so well together, don’t they?

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