Blossom Flower Shops

Blossom Flower Shops

Posted by Kevin Kegan on November 25, 2014 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Uncategorized

Thanksgiving Decorating

Thanksgiving begins the holiday season with a feast of a meal as well as a relaxing four-day weekend. This holiday is overflowing with abundance, gratitude and the charms of autumn, offering the perfect opportunity to take a break from our busy schedules and show appreciation for the people and blessings that enrich our lives.

From the Thanksgiving Day dinner table to the family room, autumn flowers are the perfect way to help create a festive mood. Whether hosting a Thanksgiving gathering or attending one, flowers make for an ideal home accent or holiday centerpiece. Consider these beautiful autumn flowers to give as a gift or adorn your Thanksgiving table this year:

Fall Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums (also referred to as “mums”) are an autumn staple that truly sing the melody of the season. With intricate petals and bright colors, they are sure to delight whether as a bouquet or centerpiece. They’re also a beautiful accent flower in any autumn arrangement. The Autumn Bouquet features mums along with daisies, roses and other autumn favorites in festive fall colors.

The Charm of Asters and Daisies

The bright, cheerful petals of asters and daisies radiate the blessings of autumn and are ideal for Thanksgiving celebrations. These delightful blooms come in white as well as bright autumn colors such as yellow, orange, red, rust and gold. Light up your dinner table and home decor this Thanksgiving with Autumn Daisies, or bring a Field Picked Autumn Bouquet which radiates warm autumn colors.


Sunflower Radiance

Sunflowers embody Thanksgiving abundance and autumn beauty. Whether in a centerpiece or an accent bouquet, sunflowers bring warmth and cheer wherever you they are. The cornucopia is a traditional symbol of abundance, and Cornucopia ofFlowers is overflowing with autumn favorites, including the sunflower.

The Autumn Orchid

If you’re looking to add some non-traditional flair to your Thanksgiving decorations this year, consider making orchids the focal point. Autumn Glory combines orchids with lilies, roses and more, and the Dear Dendrobium is an all-dendrobium orchid arrangement with maroon-purple blooms that are sure to impress and add elegance to your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving is an ideal opportunity to reflect on the blessings of life and celebrate with loved ones. We all have things to be grateful for, and taking the time to appreciate them is what Thanksgiving is all about. Create the perfect atmosphere for your holiday memories with these beautiful Thanksgiving flowers.