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Posted by Kevin Kegan on March 24, 2021 Uncategorized


The best way to spring clean is with a wonderful arrangement of flowers or vibrant green plants to elevate your home’s decor. Plants also enhance air circulation, aroma, and personal mood. However, before the cheerful addition of any blooms, you still have to deep clean, rearrange, organize, and add the finishing touches to freshen up your home. Since we know these tasks don’t always make you jump for joy, your friends here at Blossom Flower Shops, the number one florist in Yonkers and White Plains, have a few tricks up our sleeves to make it a little less daunting.

Refresh Your Kitchen

Nothing beats that new fresh and clean spring feeling. However, nothing is worse than finishing your kitchen spring clean only to find yet another dust bunny that you cannot seem to get rid of. If you can relate, try wetting the bristles on your broom to help the dust and dirt stick. Then, use the vacuum extensions to suck them up and out of your kitchen for good.

Refresh with Spring Flowers

Refresh your kitchen with more than cleaning products, add some fresh flowers and green plants to help uplift your mood and increase oxygen flow. With relaxing qualities, spring flowers can help ease that lingering seasonal depression or everyday stress with their pop of color and sweet scents. A few of our favorites are perfect for displaying on the kitchen windowsill, island or counter, and as a centerpiece for your dining table.

  • Peace Lily: Help “spring clean” the air
  • Carnations: A seasonal favorite for good luck
  • Tulips: Classic and perfectly symmetrical to fit with any decor
  • Eucalyptus: Invigorating scent to promote positive energy

Reorganize Your Bathroom

Reorganizing your bathroom for a fresh start to spring means finding your sunscreen and aloe as well as getting rid of expired products and fraying towels. To make the process more manageable, start with the linen closet. This way, you can use your old towels as new rags, too. Next, rearrange your medicine cabinet with the spring products in easy reach and discarding the old, expired, or unwanted items. Finally, if you have a makeup vanity, collection of skincare products, or items you keep in plain sight on the counters, make sure to reorganize this area to bring a sense of clarity, calm, and cleanliness.

Reorganize with Spring Flowers

Add an extra layer of “fresh” to your bathroom with a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers. No matter their size, you can fit a small arrangement on your windowsill, a few blooms by the sink, or a moderate size on your vanity to bring happiness while you get ready every morning. Their lovely scents will also have you breathing easier whenever you walk in.

  • Daffodils: Proven to be the best flower to cheer you up
  • Gerbera Daisies: Bring joy to everyday simplicity
  • Sunflowers: Radiate happiness and positivity
  • Hyacinths: Remind us of beauty, love, and happiness

Refine Your Bedroom

Our bedroom is where we go each night to rest and recharge so that we can have a wonderful tomorrow. However, if your nightstand, dresser, and other visible surfaces are cluttered, you might have a hard time relaxing and clearing your head before it hits the pillow. Take time this spring to refine your bedroom and start using more wall space. Grab a hammer and finally hang those pieces of art on your wall, or change the ones that no longer speak to you. If you have curtains hanging, make sure they are hung high and wide to create an elegant and grand look and feel.

Refine with Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are perfect for adding to your bedroom decor. With their beautiful colors and lovely scents, they certainly add a mood-boosting yet calming effect to your space. Our favorite blooms for the bedroom are elegant, full of life, and reflect your personal style.

  • Sweet Peas: Emit a blissful and sweet fragrance
  • Peonies: A symbol of rebirth and prosperity for a new season
  • Hydrangea: Create a relaxing and delightful sanctuary
  • Orchids: Help to balance energy and prompte happiness

With the end of winter and the beginning of spring, there is no better time to say “adios” to drab and dreary. Bring in a fresh perspective this spring with flowers and vibrant plants to brighten your space, increase air circulation, boost your mood, and turn your home into a clean and relaxing space. Choose your favorite flowers for each room with us here at Blossom Flower Shops