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Blossom Flower Shops

Posted by Kevin Kegan on April 9, 2018 Uncategorized

Show You Care, Become Desktop Aware!

Blossom Flower Shops is taking a stand against sad desks everywhere by embarking on an initiative we’re calling  “Desktop Awareness.” We’re shining a light on the sorry predicament of the many work place surfaces across the country that have come out of this winter (if it’s over) looking dismal, disorganized or totally bereft. We’re calling upon you and your team to take stock of the state of your work desks and tables, just ahead of Administrative Professionals Day (April 25), and urging you to consider bringing some life to them with new flowers and plants.

Larger desks can handle something tall and showy like tulips, which can rise high alongside a monitor or enliven a dark, forgotten corner. These beauties inject some instant spring into the work scene, and if the desk in question faces the rest of the room, everyone can enjoy them.

But if space is at a premium, install a desktop plant or dish garden. We love these for their visual interest and texture, how they can make the most of a small area and provide much-needed green to rooms that don’t see much of it. Plants also oxygenate the air and help remove toxins from it.

If you want to make your admins happy this Administrative Professionals Day, make sure the desks and tables get something green or colorful. The effort will go a long way to boosting office morale.