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Posted by Kevin Kegan on January 14, 2015 Uncategorized

Red Wedding Decorations

Every month has thumbnail 4.59.56 PMa representative color, and January’s color is red. The word red immediately conjures up mental images of passion, intensity, and a reminder that it is also the color that symbolizes heart health.

While a read heart may not appeal to everyone as a theme for a wedding, there are many unique, traditional and unexpected concepts that any couple can choose as the theme for their wedding. The trick is to incorporate red into that theme and decorating scheme in a way that goes beyond the obvious.

Consider Using Jewel TonesTightRoseBouquetwithCrystalCrown2-14111015641

Think about some gorgeous precious gems. Rubies are spectacularly beautiful, garnets are equally gorgeous, and emeralds, amethysts, tourmaline, aquamarine, even diamonds are all incredibly elegant and would work very well as the colors for a wedding based on sheer glam and glitz.

To avoid the obvious, consider using red crystals. You can use these in your ceremony décor, including the flower arrangements, the jewelry the bridal party wears, or by glamming up belts they add to their dresses. You can also string crystals so they hang over the ceremony area, or along the aisle for the ceremony. If you add those crystals to the reception or cocktail space, they will cast a beautiful reflection off some dramatic lighting.

Play up the red by using it in your lighting. Soft red lighting can create a dramatic, but romantic setting for the reception area.

Use Red on Tables

The obvious way to use red would be in the table linen, but doing the obvious and expected isn’t going to turn the wedding into something uniquely your own. If you don’t want to overdo it with the red, use splashes of it. Instead of using gold or silver chargers under the plates, use red ones. Instead of using traditional plates, consider using plates that have a red border or red design around the perimeter or in the center. Use napkin rings that are lacy red metal.

If you want to have candles on your tables, use red ones. You can even use red votive or tea light candles to add a touch of red without going overboard. Create red shadows on your tables by adding red glass to your tall floral centerpieces that may or may not include red flowers. If you want some red in your centerpieces, add bling red accents that will shine or cast a red reflection onto the table with creative lighting.

There is no limit to the way you can add red to your wedding décor. Everyone at Blossom Weddings wants to help you create the most spectacular wedding you could ever imagine – one that surpasses anything you could have imagined in your wildest dreams. We’re ready to help you turn your ideas into a spectacular event that everyone will remember for many years.