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Posted by Kevin Kegan on March 7, 2017 | Last Updated: March 11, 2017 Uncategorized

Recognizing Those Who Adopt Puppies


There is nothing quite so carefree and joyful as a puppy – but sadly, these lovable animals face some fairly steep odds here in the U.S. when it comes to being brought up in a loving home. National Puppy Day was established to shine a spotlight on the necessity for spaying and neutering, the issues of shelter overcrowding, and the high rates of euthanasia. On March 23rd, organizers encourage all prospective pet owners to go to a local shelter to pick out their new furry friend, or to consider donating if they cannot adopt.

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Here are some statistics regarding dogs and puppies in America.

  • Approximately 4 million dogs and puppies are surrendered to shelters annually.
  • Until recently, approximately 35% of these were euthanized. That number has risen to 50%.
  • The shelters cannot handle the sheer amount of unplanned litters, surrendered animals, and strays.
  • Puppies have a higher rate of adoption than adult dogs but still face an uncertain fate.
    Did You Know? There is a great need for people to adopt animals from their local shelters. A common misconception is that a rescue puppy may have a behavior problem. However, a very small percentage of dogs actually have such an issue – over 90% are considered suitable for rehoming and will make amazing new family members.

    On National Puppy Day, grab a friend and head to a White Plains or Yonkers animal shelter to adopt a new friend. You will quite literally be saving a life! And to thank the workers or congratulate a new pet parent, Blossom Flower Shops has all the floral designs you need. For every occasion in life, we are here to provide the beauty.