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Blossom Flower Shops

Posted by Kevin Kegan on April 23, 2018 Uncategorized

Pretty Peonies For All The Super Ladies

Circle the week of May 6 to May 12 on your calendar, its a big deal. This week is reserved for both teacher and nurse appreciation, two fields overwhelmingly dominated by women. Who are these women? The kind who educate, nurture, protect and otherwise empower the rest of us. Blossom Flower Shops encourages you to honor these special people all year long, but this week in particular is a good reminder to make your appreciation and admiration concrete.

We’ve never met a peony we didn’t love, and it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t love them back. These bulbous flowers are enfolded with petals that look feather light but are actually quite strong. They come in every color of the rainbow (except blue), and we love them in a mix, alongside fern, which is how they’re styled in our¬†Peony In Bloom¬†design.Peonies in a Glass Vase

Vibrant crimson and fuchsia with creamy white and blush pink reflects the delicacy and strength of this flower. This is why we think of it as the perfect gift for the wonder women in your life, seeing as it messages so much about their qualities, too. This will find itself on a desk in no time, where it will be shown off and enjoyed by the recipient and hopefully her equally deserving colleagues.