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Posted by Kevin Kegan on August 1, 2014 | Last Updated: August 18, 2014 Uncategorized

Picnics Deserve Flowers, Here Are The Best Types To Bring!

The warm summer months are the perfect time for outdoor picnics and open-air celebrations. If you’re invited to a summer gathering, the right flowers can be an ideal way to thank the host or hostess. When bringing flowers to a picnic, the theme and preferences of the host and guests should be considered. Here are some lovely flower ideas for your summer picnics this year:

Sunflower Arrangements

The warm color, sunny radiance and large size of sunflowers can’t help but make an impression at a picnic or barbecue. What better way to celebrate the fun summer vibe and create the perfect centerpiece? Make a statement at your next picnic with a sunflower arrangement that’s sure to bring a smile to all those who see it.

Wildflowers and Daisies 

Summer wildflowers and daisies thrive in summer fields, but they can also make for a lovely country themed centerpiece at your next picnic. A pre-made arrangement offers both beauty and convenience when attending a summer picnic. Freshly picked wildflowers from outdoors are nice, but if you’re too busy to go hunting around for them, bringing a special flower arrangement or bouquet can be just as impactful: the Make a Wish bouquet combines colorful daisies, carnations and asters.

Bountiful Blooms

Some flower colors and petal shapes really fit the summer vibe, and an arrangement combining summer favorites in creative ways can help to add a bright, happy feel to any summertime get-together. A summery arrangement will brighten the mood at the picnic table, but there’s no need to worry about designing it yourself; Blossom Flower offers a variety of creative, artful summer arrangements that will lift the mood at any summer picnic.

Summer Roses

There’s no flower quite like the rose, and its versatility makes it an excellent flower to give for just about any occasion — including a summer picnic.  An arrangement featuring lavender roses and eucalyptus greens is sure to impress. Pink roses or a Beautiful Bubble Bowl of multicolored roses can make for a distinguished centerpiece. The Elegant Charm arrangement at Blossom Flower combines lilies and roses in an ornate vase.

Whether you’re invited to a picnic in the park, a patriotic barbecue, a day at the beach with friends or a classic backyard picnic, there’s no reason to go empty-handed. You’ll make a fantastic impression on your host and add to the fun vibe of the day by bringing along the gift of a colorful, brightly-blooming summer flower arrangement.