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Posted by Kevin Kegan on November 17, 2017 Uncategorized

Perfect Poinsettia Looks for Your Office

Call this “In Praise of the Poinsettia: Office Edition.”

We know what you’re thinking – what more do I need to know about bringing a poinsettia to the office? We here at Blossom Flower Shops are here to show you how to embellish on this tried-and-true holiday plant. First things first: poinsettias are tropicals, so yes, they enjoy sunlight. Take stock of your workplace and assess where you might put a fresh batch of red beauties so that they’ll last through the season.

Look for a sunny windowsill or desks and other tabletops that receive at least some light. Poinsettias can even be grouped around a front desk or other point of entry for maximum impact. Once you’ve decided where you’ll install your plants, have some fun with how they’re arranged. Yes, poinsettias CAN receive the design treatment. OurĀ Poinsettia and Ivy is a perfect example of this principle.

Poinsettias pair beautifully with other greens, a combo that nails that perfect Christmas palette. Add a snowy white basket to really bring the colors forth, and top off with some elegant seasonal decor like pine cones. What we love about our version here is the ivy, which nestles around the poinsettias and drapes just like a garland. A design like this is meant to be placed high, so we love this for a front desk or other central area in the office.

Look for poinsettias combined with other winter greens or set in an unexpected container. We think this plant is already pretty special, but with just a few accents or embellishments, it can go from being a beloved classic to a vibrant new beauty.