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Posted by Kevin Kegan on July 6, 2016 Uncategorized

The Perfect New Baby Gifts

baby giftsWhat better way to welcome the arrival of a sweet new baby than with the bright and cheery bouquet of flowers? Sending a personalized floral gift – either to their hospital room or their home – is a great way to let the new parents know how happy you are for them; and to support them as they jump into their new role as parents. Offering beautiful arrangements, adorable plush animals, and festive balloons, Blossom Flower Shop has the perfect baby gift for any family.

At Blossom Flower Shop, there is no doubt that we love flowers – but what we also love is providing baby gifts that can be used and cherished for years to come. One of the special keepsakes that we offer is this sweet, soft, and cuddly stuffed bear, found keeping watch over our baby girl and boy bouquets. This soft plush bear will instantly become baby’s best friend, and will be a close companion from crib to car seat. Not only that but gifts received at birth are often cherished reminders throughout childhood of these special first days of new life. The baby girl and baby boy arrangements are designed using colorful fresh flowers in the appropriate hue – tulips, daisies, roses and a celebratory balloon proudly proclaim the joy of the new arrival.

baby gifts baby gifts

Blossom Flower Shop also has cuddly stuffed animals that are perfect for siblings. Imagine their surprise and delight when, with all the commotion around the new baby; someone sends them a gift to congratulate them on their new status as a big brother or big sister!

With same day flower delivery to local hospitals, you can be sure you new baby gift arrives right on time – so as soon as you hear the good news, head on over to our one of our Blossom Flower Shop locations or call us to order. We’ll walk you through choosing the perfect new baby gifts that will send warm welcome to the new little bundle of joy and their family.