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Perfect Gift Ideas to Pair with Flowers

Our Juliette design screams romance with roses in peach and pink tones accented with cascading greenery. Perfect for the Juliette to your Romeo.


If you are looking for a gift for that special someone, something that’s perfect every time is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Here at Yonkers and White Plains’ top florist, Blossom Flower Shops, we can attest that everyone loves flowers! They are fresh, beautiful, natural, and always make people smile. Plus, it’s easy to pair flowers with other gifts because flowers simply go with everything. In fact, a lovely floral arrangement makes other gifts that much more special. Just read about our excellent gift pairing ideas below to see what we’re talking about.

When you’re ready to make someone’s day or celebrate a special occasion, check out our wonderful selection of quality, fresh flowers. Then, take it a step further by selecting a marvelous token or experience to truly make an impression.

Awesome Flowers + Gift Combos

Romantic couple enjoying lunch at home or restaurant, concept love, relationship and romantic, happy couple celebrating and making cheers with glasses of red wine,rustic ambient

Homemade Dinner

A delicious homemade meal will taste even better when the table is set for two and adorned by a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Not only are you putting in the effort to make a meal from scratch for your special someone, but adding breathtaking blooms is just the cherry on top!

Spa composition of roses

Spa Essentials

Women love spa items almost as much as flowers, so the combination of both makes for a great gift. Show that you’ve put extra thought into it by matching the colors of the spa gifts to the colors of the floral arrangement, or the fragrances of soaps, bath bombs, face masks, and body butters to the bouquet.

Artisan Fine Chocolate Candy On Serving Dish

Artisanal Chocolates

Artisanal chocolates that are hand-crafted, delicious, and unique make the perfect gift to go along with beautiful flowers signifying that this is no ordinary occasion. An explosion of the senses as they take in the wonderful scent and natural beauty of their floral arrangement matched with the decadent sight, smell, and taste of mouthwatering chocolates is why this gift pairing is a timeless classic that screams romance.

Perfume bottle in front of pink roses

Luxurious Perfume

Luxurious perfume often offers floral notes like rose, lavender, peony, honeysuckle, and hibiscus. Whether you pair a perfume and a bouquet of flowers based on their fragrances or simply the luxury and romance they both present, there is no denying this match made in heaven. Perfume is a sweet way to help your love smell good and feel her best, which is sure to boost her confidence whether she wears it daily, on date nights, or for special occasions. Each time she spritzes her wrists, you better bet she’ll be thinking of her thoughtful other half – you!

Vintage books with bouquet of flowers/ nostalgic vintage background

Romance Novel

Reading a book has many benefits, not the least of which are reducing tension and promoting tranquility. Flowers too, have these same healthy effects. Give the gift of a romance novel paired with a gorgeous floral arrangement. Allow your significant other to escape the stresses of their everyday life and remind them that they are also living a real-life love story, complete with a romantic bouquet of flowers.

A bottle of wine, glasses with red wine and flowering branch of fruit tree on a wooden background


Nobody can underestimate the magic of popping open a bottle of wine, pouring two glasses, and enjoying its bold or sweet taste while marveling over a floral bouquet with your sweetheart. But don’t just grab any bottle of wine to pair with flowers… make it count by putting some thought into it. For example, you could have flowers that match the color of the label, or flowers with colors that contrast the color of the wine. With a little digging, you’ll even find that some wines have particular floral notes in them you can match with flowers, too.

Make a winning combination by pairing a gift that goes well with flowers. For more ideas, check out our selection of unique gift items to add to any floral arrangement. From gourmet fruit baskets to balloons and stuffed animals, you’re sure to find a great gift to go with the perfect blooms for the special people in your life.