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Hispanic Heritage Month Flowers

This month, from September 15 to October 15, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a 30-day festival to honor the generations of those Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our society.  The celebration includes many national institutions paying tribute to the Latino experience and identity as a means of reflecting Latino presence in our history and culture. Blossom Flower Shops joins in the celebration by offering a fabulous line of floral arrangements featuring flowers from Hispanic America this month. Read More about Hispanic Heritage Month Flowers »
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Pretty Plants To Kick Start Your Self Care

When we stop and think about all the ways we indulge in self-care, we can usually come up with more things we don’t do than things we already take care of. Maybe you already have a great exercise routine, take mental breaks throughout the day, or indulge in a weekly bubble bath to clear your mind. The floral experts at Blossom Flower Shops recommend also surrounding yourself with lush natural greens that will boost your immune system, provide clean oxygen and increase your general well-being. Read More about Pretty Plants To Kick Start Your Self Care »
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The First Time You Sent Flowers

Do you remember the first time you ever sent someone flowers? Maybe it was to your mother the first time you were apart on Mother’s Day. Perhaps you were commemorating a special day with a new girlfriend. No matter what the occasion was, you probably discovered that flowers not only communicate a particular message, they have a certain power that can bring emotion to any situation. The floral designers at Blossom Flower Shops know that love, relief, comfort, and support can all be communicated with the right bouquet of flowers. Read More about The First Time You Sent Flowers »
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Floral Traditions To Pass Down

Since 1979, we’ve set aside the second Sunday in September for Grandparents Day, a day to honor and revere our grandparents, or those who fill that role in our lives. This day is especially significant for children, since it teaches them how to communicate with people from another generation. Learning to listen to people with different perspectives, with a level of wisdom they don’t understand, is an enriching experience for any child. The floral artists at Blossom Flower Shops have some great arrangements for you to share with the grandparents in your life. Read More about Floral Traditions To Pass Down »
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Shine On With White Flowers All Year Long

As Labor Day approaches, we need to ask an all-important question: When it comes to the white-after-Labor-Day rule, are you a traditionalist or a trendsetter? For our traditionalists, we offer one last all-white arrangement to display in your favorite space before we enter our no-white, fall and winter months. If you tend to be a more modern trendsetter, consider including an all-white floral display in a fresh, unique spin on decorating. Blossom Flower Shops encourages you to peruse some of our best white arrangements for your home or office. Read More about Shine On With White Flowers All Year Long »
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Beautiful Bees And Their Flowers

Here at the end of summer, we see our gardens and yards filled with bees and other insects dancing among brightly colored summer flowers. Not only are these blooms gorgeous, they’re also incredibly functional and purposeful. Many insects, bees specifically, are attracted to bright reds and yellows, as well as deep blues and purples. Having bees in your yard or garden means you’re contributing to the world-wide bee population, encouraging pollination and a healthy environment. Blossom Flower Shops has plenty of bee-friendly bouquets and options for your outdoor space. Read More about Beautiful Bees And Their Flowers »
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Flower Up Those Rooms

Your kitchen just might the warmest, most inviting room in your home. Kitchens are where conversations happen, stories are told, and memories are made. Invest in this special space with flowers that show off your personality and bring comfort to your guests. The floral experts at Blossom Flower Shops are glad to help you find the perfect arrangement and give you advice on how to make your guests feel more at home. Read More about Flower Up Those Rooms »
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The Perfect Back To School Gift For That Teacher

Have you ever thought about how much work goes into preparing a school for the new year? Administration, office and cafeteria staff, custodians and teachers work through the summer and return early to make sure everything will run smoothly when students return. This year, consider sending these important individuals a beautiful arrangement before the year begins to thank them for everything they’ve already done- as well as everything they will do all year- to ensure a successful school year. Blossom Flower Shops has a large collection of gorgeous plants and blooms and we’re here to help you celebrate this new school year. Read More about The Perfect Back To School Gift For That Teacher »
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