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Memorial Day Flowers

memorial sprayMost people look forward to Memorial Day because it’s attached to a 3-day weekend that usually features barbecues, relaxing, and visiting with friends. As a day to honor members of the military who have died while serving their country, Memorial Day is also an important holiday to thank those who have given their lives, and flowers are a featured part of the day.

The Origins of Memorial Day

Observed for almost 150 years, the very earliest Memorial Day celebrations were meant to honor those who died while fighting in the Civil War. At the end of May each year, starting in the late 1860s, groups would visit cemeteries to drape headstones with flowers. When the holiday was first observed at Arlington National Cemetery, local orphans were invited to place flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers.

Over time, America’s involvement in other wars led to an expansion of the holiday to honor all members of the military who had died while serving their country. Although a variety of cities around the country claims to be the first location to observe the holiday, the government gave Waterloo, New York that honor in 1966. Since then, Memorial Day has grown to become a widely celebrated holiday that ushers in the start of summer.

Choosing Your Flowers for Memorial Day

If you’re honoring the memory of a specific friend or family member, you might choose a floral garden wreath where you can place a picture of the military service member in a frame in the center of the wreath. If you’re inviting friends over for a Memorial Day meal, you can place the wreath and photograph on a sideboard.

Our beautiful Memorial Wreaths are hand crafted using preserved Magnolia leaves and silk flowers. The outdoor placement of a Memorial Wreath is a simple but meaningful way to remember those who have served our country. Send a patriotic wreath as a loving tribute to your beloved.

memorial day

Memorial Wreath

Will you visit a cemetery to pay your respects to a relative, friend, or loved one who fought bravely for his or her country? Are you planning a barbecue to celebrate the arrival of summer and to honor the freedom that fallen service members have provided the country? Flowers like red roses are commonly chosen by families to place on graves in cemeteries and to decorate headstones.

Memorial Day is a meaningful and significant holiday to observe whether you knew someone personally who died while serving in the military or whether you’re helping someone else celebrate the life of their loved one. Flower arrangements are one of the many beautiful ways to observe this important holiday and remember those who we’ve lost. With the help of Blossom Flower Shops you can honor the fallen heroes in your life.