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Blossom Flower Shops

Posted by Kevin Kegan on April 6, 2017 | Last Updated: April 10, 2017 Uncategorized

Caring for your Indoor Green and Flowering Plants

flowering plants

Spring has sprung in Yonkers and Whites Plains, and if you would like to bring the outdoors in and fill your home with indoor green and flowering plants, you’ll want to stop by Blossom Flower Shops. Not only will we provide you with the highest quality beautiful plants, but our experts are happy to help you to learn how to care for them. Plants work hard on our behalf to clean the air and promote well-being, and we think we should return the favor – here are just a few of our favorite flowering plants and how to care for them.

The Perfect Gifts: Flowering plants make excellent gifts for Administrative Professionals Day (April 26).flowering plantsPhalaenopsis Orchid Care:  These exotic, butterfly-shaped flowering plants are always a sophisticated choice for home or office decor.  To make sure your orchid stays exceptional, place it in a moderately bright location. Water your orchid when the soil begins to dry out, usually every week to 10 days. Feed your plants with an orchid fertilizer and repot with fresh soil/fertilizer when the blooming season is done. The phalaenopsis orchid is forgiving and easy to care for, but make sure roots don’t get saturated, as that will quickly make your orchid ill.  flowering plants

Pothos Plant Care: The hanging green vines of the pothos are beautiful, and low-maintenance. You can trust that you have received a quality plant from Blossom Flower Shops – and once you bring the pothos to your home or office, you should easily be able to keep the pothos plant healthy.  Keep the plant in medium to bright, indirect sunlight.; and water when the soil is still moist as it doesn’t like to be too wet, or too dry. Pothos plants will likely need pruning, so cut with scissors near the stem base, keeping the stub above the soil line to prevent rotting.

Kalanchoe Plant Care:  Kalanchoe plants exhibit vivid flowers in shades of red, pink or yellow.  A member of the succulent family, they predictably love sunlight – but these beauties need only one or two hours of direct sunlight per day as hot windows or too much sun will scorch the leaves. They required a thorough watering only once per week and should be in a container that will allow excess water to drain. As to climate, the kalanchoe should be right at home at room temperature, with a few hours of sunbathing occasionally. flowering plantsWhether to surround yourself with natural ambiance, to give a gift to someone in your life, or simply to let someone know you are thinking of them – the green and flowering plants of spring are a perfect choice. Another perfect choice in Yonkers and White Plains is Blossom Flower Shops – call us today for all your floral needs.