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Posted by Sandra McCormack on May 11, 2022 | Last Updated: October 31, 2022 Uncategorized

How to Create a Unique Flower Themed Baby Shower

Settling on a perfect baby shower theme can be stressful, especially with so many creative ideas out there, opinions from friends and family, and your own taste and style. However, here at Blossom Flower Shops, we have come to learn that flowers are a fantastic crowd-pleaser and simply stunning to incorporate into baby showers. If you’re unsure where to begin, think about what the baby’s birth flower will be, which blooms are your favorite, or take a look at our brilliant suggestions below.

Baby Shower Blooms and Decoration Ideas

Rose Themed Baby Shower

Roses are the most popular flower in the world, and with their symbolism of love, beauty, joy, friendship, innocence, grace, femininity, and new beginnings, it is clear to see why. However, the best thing about roses is that they come in a wide variety of colors, so hosting a rose-themed baby shower has endless possibilities. Choose a monochromatic color palette, a soft collection of pastels, or the whole rainbow for the loveliest baby shower aesthetic. The beauty of roses can be displayed, of course, with fresh-cut roses as centerpieces, a floral wall or archway into the shower, as embellishments on game sheets, and even rose-flavored desserts from your favorite bakery.

Sunflower Themed Baby Shower

As a sign of optimism, joy, love, growth, happiness, and strength, sunflowers are another favorite bloom to celebrate expecting parents and their little bundle of joy. Sunflowers make the perfect baby shower decor with their bright yellow petals, which is also an ideal color for a gender-neutral celebration. These versatile blooms can create a rustic look with mason jars, baby’s breath, and wooden accents or a free-spirited, boho feel with macrame, free-flowing greenery, and pampas grass. Incorporate baby bumblebees, sunflower cake decorations, yellow and white balloons, sunflower seeds for snacking, and packets of sunflower seeds as party favors for guests to grow their own sunny blooms at home.

Wildflower Themed Baby Shower

Having a baby is nothing but a wild yet marvelous thing, and wildflowers can be the perfect way to celebrate the beautiful craziness that is about to ensue. A combination of garden, rustic, and boho decor that creates innocence, whimsy, and grace is simply brilliant for a baby shower. Wildflowers can be incorporated into the best baby shower decor, from centerpieces to backdrops for photos, food and gift table flowers, and party favors, like bud vases for guests or soaps “from your shower to theirs.” Wildflower crowns, DIY flower bars, and lavender flavored refreshments are also unique and fun additions to your wildflower baby shower.

Greenery Themed Baby Shower

“Oh, baby!” Greenery and natural-themed baby showers are all the rage these days and perfect for any gender. This clean and minimalistic yet stunning and playful style is great for showering mom, dad, and baby with love and gifts. White, gold, and even pale pink or pastel orange prove to be the best accent colors for lush greenery. From boxwood walls to hanging branches with eucalyptus and green garland to balloon arches with live greenery accents, there are so many ways to display natural greens in addition to centerpieces. Choose fresh flowers like white roses, pale pink carnations, hydrangeas, succulents, and flowering plants to bring even more life into the baby shower.

“April Showers Bring May Flowers” Baby Shower

If you are planning a baby shower for April or if the baby is due in May, there is a fantastic opportunity for an “April Showers Bring May Flowers” themed baby shower. This joyous play on words is simply perfect! There are so many flowers that you can include in this theme, from popular roses and sunflowers to symbolic carnations and lilies or spring tulips and daisies. Enjoy mixing and matching your favorite colors and fresh spring blooms to create the best baby shower centerpieces and floral details. Watering cans, colorful umbrellas, tiny raincoats, and rain boots are creative decor items that complete this theme with the same wonder and whimsy of a child’s imagination.

Flowers are the perfect way to get inspired and celebrate a new budding bundle of joy! With the perfect petal hues, symbolic blooms, and beautiful miracles from Mother Nature, we believe there is no better theme for a baby shower. Start browsing our favorite flowers here at Blossom Flower Shops to welcome a new baby and congratulate mom and dad.