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Posted by Kevin Kegan on October 6, 2018 Uncategorized

Honor Your Mentor This Bosses Day

Bosses Day is celebrated nationally on the 16th of every October with gifts, cards and flowers sent to bosses who strive to make a difference in the workplace daily. This occasion was started in 1958 when a Cleveland State Farm employee, Patricia Bays Haroski, noticed how hard her boss worked behind the scenes without recognition. Since he was also her father, she chose his birthday as the day in which this celebration should be observed and submitted it to Congress. Four years later, the governor of Ohio was pleased to enact this day officially. Today, the professionals at Blossom Flower Shops are glad to honor bosses who support and encourage their employees with beautiful floral arrangements, plants and gift baskets.

A beautiful trio of orchids like our Phalaenopsis Planter is a stylish and low-maintenance gift that will remind your boss for months to come of your gratitude. Add life and warmth to your boss’s office with this thoughtful piece.

Good bosses are fair, honest, supportive, encouraging and understanding. Show your appreciation for your boss this month on October 16th, Bosses Day. The floral designers at Blossom Flower Shops are glad to help you choose the perfect gift or floral arrangement for your boss. Talk to us about his or her tastes or let us work with you to customize a design of your own choosing!