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Homecoming Flowers: How You Should Buy

From big city to small town, homecoming is a time reserved for celebration, team spirit, and nostalgia, and it is typically capped off with a homecoming dance. If your school’s homecoming dance is either formal or semi-formal, you will need a flower for your date. But during a time filled with so much fun and celebration, flowers are the last thing you should have to worry about. So, let Blossom Flower Shops take care of the floral details while you enjoy the homecoming festivities.

Corsages: When you arrive at your date’s house to pick her up for the dance, she will be expecting a corsage. A corsage is a small floral arrangement designed for a woman to wear on either her wrist or to be pinned on her dress. The corsage is usually embellished with lace, pearls, rhinestones, or ribbons, and is designed to complement your date’s outfit. Before ordering your date’s corsage, find out what color of gown she will wear to the dance. With this information, we can help you select flowers for her corsage in a color which will look nice with her dress. If you do not know what color your date will wear, it is best to select a neutrally colored corsage that will match any color of dress. You should also find out what type of corsage your date prefers; some women like wrist corsages and others like the variety that come on a stick pin. Again, if you are not sure, we suggest you select a wrist corsage in case your date’s dress is made from a delicate fabric (she can always replace a bracelet with a beautiful corsage).

Boutonnieres: When your date arrives to pick you up for the dance, he will be expecting a boutonniere. Boutonnieres are a small floral arrangements, usually less-ornate than corsages, designed to pin on the lapel of a man’s suit or tuxedo jacket. Just as your date should have asked you, you should ask him what colors he will be wearing to the dance. This will make it easier for us to help you select a color of boutonniere to complement his outfit. When ordering, you will also want to keep your date’s personality in mind. For example, is he the type drawn to fun, exciting designs or does he have a classically elegant sense of style? Knowing his personality will help us create the perfect boutonniere for him.

Also, be sure to order your corsage or boutonniere in advance. Early ordering will ensure a stress free, fun evening and that your date receives the best flowers in the colors and designs you choose. No matter your selection, you and your date are sure to have a wonderful time. Happy homecoming!