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Hanukkah Decorating

With the first nishutterstock_167364551ght of Hanukkah quickly approaching, now is the time to find the perfect decorations to make the home seem warm, welcoming, and festive for friends and family alike. Although most families already know to dig out their family menorah and dreidels, there are also plenty of festive ideas that can be done using flowers. In addition to complementing the rest of the decorations, flowers can be used to add some life and light to the room. Here are some easy decorating ideas that can be done using flowers for this upcoming Hanukkah.

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Draw the attention to the beautiful arrangements by selecting bold flowers in the traditional blue and white colors of Hanukkah. White lilies, blue delphinium, white larkspur, and similar flowers can all be excellent blooms for this occasion. Use a bouquet near the main entrance to the house to greet visitors as they arrive or place it on a side table, mantel, or anywhere else people might gather to speak and socialize. The beauty of the flowers will fit in perfectly and help to lift people’s spirits and remind them of the beauty of the holiday.

A central centerpiece

The dinner that accompanies Hanukkah celebrations in many households is an event to remember. Between the delicious food and the lively conversation, people can spend hours sitting at the table enjoying all that the host has prepared. Grace the table with the a stunning centerpiece that incorporates the colors of Hanukkah with some candles. Candles are a major part of the symbolism behind Hanukkah, so incorporating s ome candles into the centerpiece can also help capture some of the meaning while also adding to the elegance of the table setting and the atmosphere of the meal.

Other table decorations

In zoom_B18413110143927addition to the main table where everyone will sit to enjoy their meal, many families will also have other tables set up either for an overflow of guests, to hold other parts of the meal before there is room for them on the main table, or even just to be used for socializing. Use smaller  that still incorporate the classic blue and white colors to carry the festive color combination throughout the house. White roses, white lilies, and other elegant flowers would all be beautiful choices for these decorative pieces.

Hanukkah is quickly approaching, which means that now is the time to get ready for the celebrations. Consider some of these flower arrangements to take the decorations to the next level and having the house looking spectacular for all who enter.