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Posted by Kevin Kegan on August 23, 2017 | Last Updated: August 26, 2022 Uncategorized

Grandparents Day Flowers

grandparents day flowers

Is there anyone in our lives who hold a more special place than grandparents? No matter what name we give them, or where they live – we cherish these very special members of the family. That is why setting aside a day to celebrate them seems like a great idea to us!

Grandparents Day is September 10 and was originally the idea of a woman named Marian McQuade. A mother and grandmother herself, Marian didn’t envision a commercial holiday, rather she thought that a day to bring the generations together would allow us to share stories, impart wisdom and teach history. It was also an opportunity for younger generations to show respect, love, and gratitude to their families.  Blossom Flower Shops appreciates the idea of bringing people together and celebrating family, and have the perfect Grandparents Day flowers for the occasion. 

grandparents day flowers
Here are some interesting fun facts about grandparents in the United States:

Grandparents are very proud: An astounding 90% of grandparents admit to speaking about their grandchildren on a daily basis. They also don’t mind who they are speaking to, saying they will brag to “anyone who will listen.”

Grandparents love their job title: Being a grandparent is the single most fulfilling role they have ever played, according to the great majority of them.

Grandparents take spoiling to a new level: Grandparents no longer only hand our cookies – in fact, they spend over $52 billion dollars annually on their grandkids. Apparently, they can afford to, as 75% of the disposable income in the country is attributed to grandparents.

grandparents day flowersGrandparents are great roommates:  In the United States, approximately 37% of households have a grandparent in residence. This is a return to multi-generational living largely lost in recent decades here in this country. 

Grandparents are a positive influence: Children who have an involved, loving grandparent are more confident overall and have a strong sense of safety and security. Not only that but when a grandchild enters the picture, relationships with adult children seem to soften and improve as well.

This September 10, Blossom Flower Shops would like to encourage you to make this a special day – especially if you all live in the Yonkers or White Plains area. Don’t forget the Grandparents Day flowers  – we guarantee they will beautifully express your love.