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Posted by Kevin Kegan on May 16, 2016 | Last Updated: August 25, 2022 Uncategorized

Graduation Flowers at Blossom Flower Shop

graduation flowersTraditions, customs, and rituals have a way of giving our lives continuity and memorable connections; moments to look forward to, and meaningful events to participate in. One of these occasions is graduation day. No matter if the student leaving elementary school or an Ivy League institution, the symbolic nature of the event is one that dates back centuries.

It is in our nature to applaud and be proud of accomplishments and achievements, as well as support the successes of the loved ones in our lives. Floral arrangements are an excellent way to show someone you are proud of them and have long been a part of our celebrations of commencement. But your gift from Blossom Flower Shop doesn’t have to follow a traditional path – make it personal by creating a beautiful bouquet showcasing their alma mater’s colors, sure to grab everyone’s attention. Or how about a unique gift of lucky bamboo, symbolizing good fortune, prosperity and best wishes for the future?

graduation flowers graduation flowers

One traditional floral tradition we love is that of bestowing a lei at graduation. These wreaths of flowers are most often made of dendrobium orchids, but they can also feature roses, carnations and plumeria are also popular. While white and purple leis are traditionally given at graduation, any color is acceptable. Although many associate the lei with the islands, the custom of exchanging leis is a beautiful gesture of recognition that the recipient is arriving someplace new.

Creating floral arrangements that touch the heart of your loved ones is what we strive to do, every day. Call us to get started on planning the perfect gift for all the graduates in your life. Because although 6 million students will receive a diploma this year, only one of them is yours – and we aim to celebrate them in style!