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Posted by Kevin Kegan on May 5, 2014 | Last Updated: August 18, 2014 Uncategorized

What To Give on National Teacher’s Day

National Teacher’s Day is a time when students, parents, fellow faculty and local members of the community take time to show just how much they appreciate teachers. This year, many communities across the country will celebrate Teacher’s Day on May 6. Celebrations vary from community to community, however, the premise is the same – honoring the teachers in our community. Some celebrations include luncheons, assemblies and in-class celebrations.

To help celebrate Teacher’s Day we have compiled a list of unique gifts that teachers are sure to love.

Apple and a carnation: Every teacher will appreciate receiving a fresh apple, a beautiful single carnation and a handwritten note.

Teacher themed bouquet: Send a vase filled with fresh flowers and teacher themed decorations, such as pencils, erasers and chalkboards.

Reusable cup with instant tea bags: Give the teacher something to keep a drink in during class without the fear of it spilling over.

Gift cards: Teachers love gift cards to local stores and coffee shops.

School supplies: Every teacher needs more classroom supplies. Get a gift bag, fill with some school supplies and for decoration add a fresh flower to the outside of the bag. Suggested school supplies include highlighters, pencils, copy paper and dry erase markers.

Trinket related to subject: If the teacher specializes in a specific subject, find something related to it. For example, if he or she is a French teacher, purchase a mini Eiffel Tower.

Books: Every teacher loves to read. Purchase art or travel books related to the teachers hobbies and area of teaching.

Corsage: Let the teacher show off her gift all day long by purchasing a simple corsage to celebrate Teacher’s Day.

Chalkboard notebook: Paint a composition book with chalkboard paint and include some chalk and pens for writing on and in the book.

Chalkboard mug: Paint the bottom half of a coffee cup or glass with chalkboard paint. Fill the mug with various school supplies that can be placed on the teacher’s desk.

Homemade bookmarks: Glue small flowers and buttons on the end of large paperclips to create unique bookmarks.

It is always a good idea to find out what the teacher’s hobbies are and some of her interests. Knowing this information will make it easier to find a personalized gift for Teacher’s Day.

Contact the Blossom Flower Shop to purchase your teacher a fabulous bouquet or a flower for your handmade Teacher’s Day gift.