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Posted by Kevin Kegan on June 10, 2016 Uncategorized

Gifts He’ll Love this Father’s Day

father's dayEver since 1972, when Father’s Day officially became a national day of celebration, many children have struggled with finding a gift for dad that would be meaningful, useful or unique. As June 19th approaches, experts estimate that in the US, we will spend over $13 billion on our gifts for dad – that is a lot of shopping! Traditional presents include car accessories, electronics, dinners and outings as a family; but if you are looking to do something completely original this year, turn to Blossom Flower Shops.

father's dayFor the dad who always told you that money doesn’t grow on trees, this Father’s Day you can prove him wrong with a money tree all his own. This is your opportunity to have a little fun with him, while giving him a beautiful green plant to adorn his home office or study. Doesn’t he deserve it after all the years he invested into you?

If your Dad is a die-hard Yankee fan, there may be some disappointment that the Father’s Day schedule has the team away from New York – but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the game! Plan an intimate and comfortable game viewing party in the comfort of your home; our various gift baskets are full of snacks and treats, sure to be a tasty hit with Dad. Gourmet meats, cheeses, crackers, chocolates or fruit delivered right to dad’s door? Sounds like the perfect idea for some quality Father’s Day time.

father's dayNo matter which way you choose to celebrate your dad this June, Blossom Flower Shops is here to help. Work with us to design a gift that will accentuate his home or office and be a constant reminder of the love that you have for him.