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Gift Giving With Flowers on Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is quickly approaching, which means that people across the Midwest are preparing to show their loved ones how much they matter with romantic gifts of chocolate, trinkets, and of course, flowers. It is the perfect time of year to give that special someone a small gift to let them know how much they are appreciated and cherished. Sometimes, however, finding that perfect gift can be the most difficult part of the process. Here are some fantastic flowers that are perfect for showing love and dedication to those special people in life.

Make it personal

Nothing says, “I care” quite like taking the time to personalize a gift. Find an arrangement of beautiful, bright flowers, such as oranges, pinks, and yellow, that will brighten anyone’s mood. Then add a personal photo to the accompanying card. A picture from a special anniversary or a first date, a memorable activity together between friends, or any loved picture of the giver and the recipient can help take the gift to the next level.

Give something that will last

Find a flower arrangement that comes in a container that will last. Rather than just getting a standard vase or glass container with the delivery, find a fun and stylish vase to go with the arrangement. Vases are excellent gifts, especially for significant others, because they can hold the current bouquet and any future flowers that are brought home. Vases can also be used to hold fake flowers, beautiful stones, and other decorative items between flower arrangements to add a bit more style to any room.


Roses are a classic flower to give to show friendship, passionate love, and appreciation. Generally the gorgeous, deep red roses are used to show love, while yellow roses symbolize friendship. Purple roses can also be an excellent alternative to red for those who want to show how much they care but want to do something a little different. People can get a single rose to give to that special someone, or they can buy an entire arrangement. Any of these options should please any recipient. Roses can be placed in a stunning vase for a bit of added style and flair as well. A centerpiece of roses will be loved by all.

Sweetest Day is coming, and that means it is time to find a gift for that special someone. Flowers are a spectacular way to go because of their traditional association with appreciation and sentimentality. Those looking for the perfect gift should carefully consider the above options to begin finding the right arrangement.