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Posted by Kevin Kegan on January 29, 2018 Uncategorized

Get Prepared For Valentine’s Day

Who says the roses you send have to be red this Valentine’s Day? We here at Blossom Flower Shop work with this iconic flower in all colors of the rainbow, and we know that it can convey a variety of moods depending on the color you choose. As we sit on the cusp of February 14, it pays to spend some time planning which rose bouquets you’ll get for your loved ones, and to remember that Valentine’s Day is for everyone you love, not just your sweetheart.

We all know that leggy, showy red roses are the gold standard of romantic flowers, but consider what some of the other colors bring to the table. Our Juliette is a serious contender for sweetheart flowers; this swoon-worthy clutch of pastel pink roses alongside smaller, creamier buds is completely romantic and communicates love and affection. Sure it may not be indicating ardor and passion, but it is giving off a sweet, lighthearted feeling, and that’s just as important.Fuchsia Roses White Plains Yonkers, NY - Blossom Flower Shops

The ivy is an unexpected touch that complements the softness of the roses beautifully. We like the idea of thinking outside of the box when it comes to the roses you deliver to your loved ones this year. Enjoy the variety of colors out there, and the different types of love they can express.