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Posted by Kevin Kegan on August 11, 2015 | Last Updated: October 6, 2015 Flowers Gift

Friendship Week Flowers

friendship weekAs we grow into adults, the friends we make in childhood often stay with us and become lifelong friends. Sometimes, we move far away from friends and go many years without seeing them while making new friends along the way.

However, it’s easy to rekindle friendships and show people you care. This year, celebrate the friends of old and new during Friendship Week in the third week of August.

For Your Lifelong Friends

You remember sitting in the back of your second-grade class with your best friend passing notes and giggling, much to the dismay of your teacher. Those fun, young days have turned into a lifelong friendship of love, and you want to let your best friend know you cherish her like family.

friendship week

Touch of Love

Consider a beautiful arrangement of pastel flowers like roses and lilies in shades of lavender, peach, and light yellow. A lovely symbol of your friendship. You might think about adding orchids to the arrangement as an extra special gift.

For Your New Friends

The friends you visit each week, as well as the coworkers you consider your friends are part of your family barbecues and holiday celebrations. Let these family friends know they’re a special part of your life with a festive and vibrant vase of summer sunflowers.

friendship week flowers White Plains, NY - Yonkers, NY

Summer Sunflowers

If you’re wondering what type of flowers are best for your friends, just about every flower you can imagine is appropriate. You can even give roses to your friends as symbols of friendship. Great choices include orange and yellow roses, and a bubble bowl with pink roses is a lovely choice, too.

friendship week flowers Yonkers, NY - White Plains, NY

Beautiful Bubble Bowl

You can also add a variety of fun tokens to celebrate Friendship Week including gift baskets and chocolates. Does your friend have a favorite food? Maybe she adores macadamia nut cookies. Bake her some as a gift!

Friendship Week is one of the happiest weeks of the year. Celebrating this fun, week-long holiday is easy when you choose to send flowers from Blossom Flower Shops in White Plains & Yonkers, NY.